“The government of the Netherlands for the third time in a row was headed by mark Rutte

– Head of “people’s party for freedom and democracy” of the Netherlands mark Rutte for the third time in a row won the post of Prime Minister of this country after long negotiations on coalition formation in Parliament, passed on Thursday by the Western media.

The king of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander in the Noordeinde Palace have officially appointed him to this post.

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Netherlands consists of representatives of four parties, including from mark Rutte, three deputies of 12 Ministers and eight Deputy Ministers.

In March in the Netherlands held parliamentary elections. The victory was won by the “people’s party for freedom and democracy” the current Prime Minister mark Rutte.

Talks on forming a coalition in the Parliament lasted 225 days, because of the disagreement of the four parties on migration issues. First mark Rutte took over as Prime Minister in 2010.

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