“The head of Catalonia has refused to hold early elections in the autonomy

Madrid. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – the Head of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Putteman said that early elections in the autonomy yet will not be held, wrote on Thursday the newspaper El Pais.

“No guarantees, which would justify the holding of legislative elections on today,” he said.

Pujdeme noted that the application from the Madrid 155 of the second article of the Spanish Constitution is illegal and offensive action.

Earlier, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reported that elections can take place on December 20.

The Spanish government at an extraordinary meeting on 21 October adopted a decision on the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution the Autonomous community of Catalonia. In accordance with this article all around Catalonia can be removed from power and authority in this Autonomous community of Spain will carry out a representative appointed by Madrid, then Catalonia will be early parliamentary elections.

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