“The judicial chamber of Spain confirmed the decision on granting the US the Russians

The final decision on the extradition of the accused in fraud Stanislaus Lisova is for the Spanish government

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The national appellate court of Spain has confirmed the decision on issuing USA the Russian programmer Stanislaus Lisova, accused by U.S. authorities of fraud in the amount of $855 thousand

“24 Oct protection Stanislaus Lisova received the decision of the Plenary session of the National trial chamber to dismiss the complaint on the decision about his extradition,” – said Wednesday “Interfax” his lawyer Oleg Gubarev. He recalled that the final decision on this issue will be taken by the government of Spain.

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According to counsel, the decision of the plenary session not only clarified the situation with the illegal detention, but completely eliminated from the circumstances of the case.

The lawyer said, “the situation is so exaggerated that, in accordance with the case supposedly existing, but never appearing the detention order is dated a year earlier (2015) than the beginning of the case (August 2016)”. In his opinion, “all this casts doubt on the whole, the existence of this order, that is legal grounds for the imprisonment of our client.”

Gubarev said that the defense plans to appeal to the constitutional court of Spain, “and after the exhaustion of judicial remedies in this country to the European court of human rights”.

He also explained that after consultation with lisovyk, the lawyers will ask the Spanish court to suspend the extradition in connection with the violation of the constitutional rights of their client.

In January of this year, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Russian citizen Stanislav Lisov was arrested in Barcelona in connection with the prosecution by the US of fraud. “He was declared internationally wanted in the U.S. for participation in a criminal group set up to commit fraud using electronic means and computer technologies”, – said Zakharov.

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