“The Kurds have declared the attack by Iraqi forces North of Mosul

– Iraqi forces launched an offensive on positions of the Kurdish armed units (Peshmerga) to the North-West of Mosul, said Thursday the national security Council of Iraqi Kurdistan.

“Iraqi troops and Iranian-backed militia forces of Iraq fired at positions of the Peshmerga from the city Zoumara Northwest of Mosul, is now under attack” – said in a message on SAT, posted on Twitter.

Earlier, representatives of Kurdistan reported that Baghdad’s concerts armored vehicles, tanks and artillery in the area.

The tensions between the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Kurds occurred after the scan in September of the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, where the vast majority of participants voted “Yes”. Baghdad does not recognize the referendum, which resulted in armed clashes and government forces, the Peshmerga.

On the eve of the Kurdish leadership has proposed to freeze the results of the referendum in order to avoid further bloodshed and to start a dialogue with Baghdad.

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