“The left in Europe protested against the Sakharov prize to the Venezuelan opposition

Brussels. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – the European left in the European Parliament announced a boycott of the award named after Andrei Sakharov “For freedom of thought” for 2017, calling adopted on Thursday the decision to award it the Venezuelan opposition is politically motivated.

Political group (fraction) “the European United left – Nordic green left”, which includes the Communists and representatives of the extreme left movements, expressed regret about the decision of the European Parliament, calling the winner of so-called “Venezuelan opposition”.

Collective award winner 2017 Thursday selected from three nominees-finalists at the meeting of heads of political fractions of the European Parliament.
“Among this motley group of opposition members – said in statement of the faction, there are members of extreme right-wing groups of Venezuela who are not interested in the restoration of the democracy in the Bolivarian Republic. They smolder ambitions of returning to some of the darkest chapters in the history of Latin America”.

Left faction regretted that the leaders of the European Parliament gave preference to these people while in the top three finalists were worthy candidates: Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaac and iconic activist for the protection of the environment Lolita chávez from Guatemala.

The European left will boycott the awarding ceremony on December 13. They are encouraged to continue to award this award at the plenary session of the European Parliament vote of all deputies.

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