The Patriarch of the disgruntled workers: “will the inhabitants of our cities”

Speaking on Wednesday at the opening of the VII Congress of the Church in social service in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill said about the objective needs of the capital in migrant workers. However, according to him, this could have been avoided if the Russians reduced the number of abortions.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Speaking about migrants, Kirill lamented that “it is not the residents of the city of Moscow, it is not the Orthodox people”, although she noted that without their involvement in exercise programs like the renovation is impossible.

However, he expressed concern that “a significant proportion of migrant workers then become permanent residents of our cities”, and as Muslims. Thus, he saw in Russia the same problem in connection with migration flows faces in his opinion, and Europe.

Quoting the speech of Kirill “Interfax” reminds them of his earlier statement — April 3, 2014: then the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church said that in those cases when he said, “what we don’t have enough population and need to bring some huge number, millions, of people of a different culture from other countries, so they worked here, he says, “what if we cut two to three times the number of abortions, after a certain time in Russia there would be no need for any foreign guest workers.”

Recall, however, that all the words of Cyril in September this year declared the ultimate truth: “If anyone still doubts whether to do all what the Patriarch taught, — leave all doubt! And strictly do what I command!”

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