“The President of Brazil will be discharged from the hospital during the day

Doctors one of the capital’s hospitals of Brazil examined the country’s President Michel Temer after hospitalization in connection with the sickness, according to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. At the hospital they performed a bladder catheterization.

It is expected that later on Wednesday will be discharged from the hospital. Of Temer was hospitalized after complaining of a problem in the urinary system.

Currently, the country has held session of the lower chamber of the Congress of Brazil – chamber of deputies, which according to its results, to vote on the question of deprivation of Temer powers of the head of state for six months because of the ongoing in respect of his corruption investigation and the formal charges against him.

The chamber of deputies consists of 513 members. Earlier, the members of the Commission on the Constitution has argued against charges him.
If more than two thirds of deputies will vote “for” the charges against him and suspend his authority, then formal charges against Temer will make Brazil’s Supreme court.

Earlier in September, the Prosecutor General’s office of Brazil announced new charges against Temer. According to the statement of Rodrigo Janot, who was then attorney General and sending a corresponding request to the Supreme court, Temer “headed criminal group”, as well as guilty of corruption.

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