“The Russian Embassy in London has ruled out interference in the Affairs of the UK

– Moscow does not accept the statements of London about the alleged assistance of Russia the outcome of the referendum on the British exit from the European Union, said Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko.

“Now that the negotiations about the conditions of release the United Kingdom from the EU have become a major foreign policy challenge for London, there is a desire to blame all difficulties on a stranger, that is Russia. Categorically this is not acceptable. Russia does not interfere in the Affairs of other States, and this is a key installation of the Russian foreign policy”, – said in response Yakovenko to a question from the media, posted on the website of the Russian Embassy in London.

So he responded to a request to comment on statements about the alleged Russian influence on the outcome of the referendum in the UK.
“British public opinion persist in trying to impose the idea that Russia is behind the results of the referendum on “Brucite”. We believe that such statements are offensive to the British political leadership and the British people,” – said the Ambassador.

“The idea of a referendum did not come from Russia – this was a key promise of the election campaign Cameron in 2015, and he is unlikely to have thought about Russia. Subsequently, the British citizens have used given them a legitimate right to talk about Russia’s intervention also, at least, is incorrect,” – said Yakovenko.

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