“The Russian foreign Ministry urged not to dramatize the blocking of UN security Council resolution on the investigation hematic in Syria

In Moscow said that the mandate of the Joint investigation mechanism highincidence expire until November 16, so there is no need to hurry with its extension

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebensache: ZumaTASS

– Russia calls on U.S. and other Western countries not to dramatize the situation around the extension of the mandate of the Joint investigation mechanism (CMP) highincidence in Syria, the OPCW/UN and not to distort the position of Moscow on this issue, said Wednesday the Russian foreign Ministry.

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“In the White house and the state Department can not understand that we were not against the extension of the mandate of the CMP and against the adoption on this account hasty decisions without taking into account the expected report on the activities of the Mechanism over the past year, which is little known”, – is spoken in the comment of the Russian foreign Ministry published “in connection with attempts to distort Russian position during the vote in the UN security Council on the draft resolution renewing the mandate of the CMP”.

The day before Russia vetoed the US introduced a UN security Council resolution prolonging the CMP.

“For us, it would be unprofessional and irresponsible going on over at US, mindlessly rubber-stamp far-reaching decision, even without understanding,” – said on Smolensk square. “Contrary to the false statements were heard from Washington, London and other capitals, there is no reason to dramatize the situation around CMP” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In Russian depodesta recalled that the mission’s current mandate expires only on November 16. “More than three weeks is enough time to examine the expected report of the CMP and to determine the further destiny of Mechanism,” the statement reads.

“Confirm the intention in a short time after receiving the report to submit to the security Council specific considerations that should be taken in order not in words but in practice to ensure genuine independence, objectivity and professionalism in the investigation of crimes involving toxic substances,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

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