The Russian was jailed for three years for drunken conversations with border

Drunken conversations with fellow border guard became an occasion to the Bryansk regional court sentenced the Russian to 3.3 years in prison on charges of gathering information constituting a state secret (283.1 of the criminal code).

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As told RBC lawyer Evgeny Smirnov, representing the interests of the convicted resident of the border with Ukraine, the village of Luzhki Bryansk region Victor Ryzhanova, the essence of the FSB investigated case is the following: relatives Ryzhanova bought for him in Ukraine, the goods are cheaper there than in Russia. Then Rysanov called his old friend-the border guard and find out whether this day is the bypass of the border. If bypass was not, the goods transferred to the side of the checkpoint to avoid bureaucratic formalities.

As a thank you Rysanov, as the investigation revealed, gave the man the bottle.

Another lawyer of the convicted, Ivan Pavlov, said that the border guard and Rezanov “was some old army friends, and no commodity-money relations was not among them. There were domestic calls, which is impossible to find out, they were as if intoxicated. They were regarded by experts as the transfer of state secrets”.

Prosecutors asked for Ryzhanova even more severe punishment is 6 years imprisonment, although the current sentence Pavlov concluded that it was “very hard”.

He noted that “the investigation was conducted disgusting — all the bumps that could be collected was collected. I explain the close links between the officials who participated in the proceedings”. Pavlov expressed hope that an unbiased consideration of the case in the Supreme court, which will be spared from the “regional specificity” as “close ties between officials” who participated in the proceedings. In addition, in 2014 Ryzanov, who became the local MP, claimed the position of head of Luzhkov.

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