The snooker player Stuart Bingham disqualified for the bet

Had barely ended when a representative international tournament socurito English Open, as this kind of Billiards marked another news. However, this time the news is not even really sports.


World Association of professional Billiards and snooker (WPBSA) suspended from participation in competitions for six months of the British athlete, champion of the 2015 world snooker Stuart Byname. The occasion was the results of the investigation in respect of the player. It turned out that he made big bets on snooker, and it is against the rules of Billiards on a professional level.

The situation was commented by the Chairman of the WPBSA Jason Ferguson.

Players need to understand that they can’t even make bets on the snooker table, even if not participating in the match or tournament. Any player who violates the rules will face serious consequences, — said the head of the Association.

As shown by checking, Bingham spent on the forbidden passion of a significant amount of money. According to Inside The Games, the total rate amounted to 47 thousand dollars. From 2003 to 2015 the British snookered put money on the matches with his participation.

In addition to disqualification, the athlete fined 26 thousand dollars and required to undergo treatment for gambling addiction. If Bingham will fulfill all the requirements WPBSA and will not violate the professional code again, it will be able to resume performances after three months.

Stuart Bingham is one of the most renowned representatives of modern snooker. 41-year-old Englishman in 2015, was recognized as “Player of the year” by the World Snooker Awards, and in 2016 was included in the “Hall of fame” of snooker. Most recently, he ranked second in the world rankings socurito. According to estimates by the media, just for a career, Bingham has earned about $ 3 million.

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