The staff of the battalions of Regardie freezing in their offices

Officers of the two battalions of Regardie complain of unbearable cold in their offices in the North-East of Moscow. Not to get sick, they are forced to wear two or three sweaters and attend training sessions when wearing gloves.


As it became known “MK”, heating is still there in the premises of the 2nd battalion of Regardie on the street Sparks, 21, building 2 and the 3rd battalion, which on Khovanskaya street, 15. According to police, the temperature in the rooms on par with the street. Hot water in offices is also missing. Meanwhile, many employees are on duty here day and night, others are instructed, attend training sessions. Cops have to be warmed, however, it is also not much help. Service shoes after the change does not dry, people have to wear damp shoes and wet from the rain and moisture clothes.

Many resguardar two steps away from being able to come down with a fever. They have repeatedly appealed to the leadership with the question, when, finally, will come the heat. But chefs do not know. It is known that one address, you must change the section of the pipe.

Meanwhile, according to the head of the Moscow interregional trade Union of police Michael Pashkina, money to solve the problems of Regardie there, but due to some bureaucratic delays they don’t list the utilities.

As reported “MK” the press service of the Central district of Regardie off the heat in the building has private security, located on the street Sparks, 21, occurred because of the communal accident on heating mains. Also, due to the repairs of the VVC associated with engineering networks and communications, was disconnected flow of heat in the building private security at St. Khovanskaya, 15. In each room are temporarily installed teleologically.

To restore teplopodachi on both projects is planned over the next two days.

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