“The U.S. house of representatives approved new sanctions against Iran

Washington. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – the lower house of Congress approved a bill providing for new sanctions against Iran, said on Thursday Fox News.

We are talking about the response to the work in Iran over the program on creation of ballistic missiles. Moreover, as noted by the American media, the bill is drafted in such a way as not to undermine the implementation of the agreement on the nuclear issue between Iran and the “six” of international mediators.

In support of the bill voted 423 congressmen, against – two.

The document contains a call to the President of the United States Donald Trump to determine a range of companies both in Iran and beyond, helping on a ballistics program, and then to introduce sanctions against them.

A day earlier, in the house of representatives approved two bills with the sanctions, designed to make it difficult to obtain financing Shiite group “Hezbollah”. In addition, American lawmakers have proposed to introduce a number of restrictive measures against this group in response to the message about using her soldiers civilians as human shields.

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