“The Vice-Premier of Catalonia has considered the Declaration of independence the only way out

Spain Catalonia leaves no other choice but to announce the establishment of the independent Republic, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Catalan government, Oriol Junqueras the Associated Press on Wednesday.

The left Republican party of Catalonia, headed by Jonkers, will work to build an independent Republic. “Because we understand that there is a demand of the people to create a Republic,” he said, stressing that it speaks on behalf of his party, not on behalf of the government of Carles Pokdemon.

The Spanish government at an extraordinary meeting on 21 October adopted a decision on the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution the Autonomous community of Catalonia, with the result that Spain has, among other things, to remove from power the leadership of Catalonia.

The government’s decision must be approved by the Senate. Session dedicated to this issue scheduled for October 27.

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