To order from Russia: three versions of the assassination of the Chairman

The investigators identified three main version of the explosion in Kiev, during which, in particular, suffered an MP from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk. In addition to the “Russian trace”, which he said the people’s Deputy, the first Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev Pavel Kononenko advised not to ignore the personal motives and professional activities of the victim.

photo: MIA

The first Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev Pavel Kononenko reported that the consequence considers three key version of the assassination of the Deputy Mosiychuk, which occurred on the eve in the center of Kiev, informs television channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The first version, it sounded and the Lord said, this is attempted murder of the Chairman, which was organized by the intelligence service of the Russian Federation”, — he said. Among other versions that are studying law enforcement, “the political and social activities of the Chairman” and the attempt on the Deputy “for personal reasons”.

However, Kononenko noted that perhaps “there were some questions to the political analyst Vitaly Bala”, which was also damaged in the explosion. “And we can’t reject the version about attempt at the murder of any political or public figure who might be on the channel “espresso” at this time”, — concluded the first Deputy Prosecutor.

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Explosion in Kiev near the building of the TV channel “espresso” occurred on 25 October. Parked at a roadside motorcycle exploded when the building was released by the Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, a political analyst Vitaly Bala and security. As a result, emergency injuring five people, two MP’s bodyguard and a bystander died in the hospital. Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

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