“Trump accused the Democrats of creating a “Russian scandal”

Democratic party used the story about alleged Russian intervention in the American elections to justify his loss in the presidential election in 2016, said the President of the United States Donald trump on Wednesday during a press conference before the trip to Dallas, which was broadcast on the CBS television network.

“This whole thing with Russia is that it happened – it was all Democrats, justify them lose the election… They lost them. They devastatingly lost. They didn’t know what to say. And came up with this fake about Russia,” said trump.

“This dossier, it was completely fictional. And, as I understand it, they (the Democrats – if) paid a huge amount of money to create this file. Hillary Clinton always denied it. Democrats have always denied it,” said trump.

Democrats sponsors

Earlier the Washington Post published an article in which, with reference to sources reported that the investigation into the so-called “Russian Affairs” sponsored by the national Committee of the democratic party of the USA and the campaign headquarters of Clinton. According to the newspaper, lawyer Marc Elias, who represented Clinton and the national Democratic Committee, to conduct the investigation, hired a company from Washington Fusion GPS. Law firm of Elias Perkins Coie has hired Fusion of GPS in April 2016, before the study on Trump sponsored “unknown client from the Republican party,” reports the newspaper.

The original file on trump and his possible contacts with the environment of the Russian Federation made up the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. As a specialist on Russia, he collected materials that allegedly the Russian authorities can put pressure on the President of the United States by means of compromising. They were published in the beginning of the year on the website Buzzfeed. Trump has repeatedly called the investigation was fabricated.

Currently, the question of alleged Russian interference in the election study several committees in the U.S. Congress. It also considers spectacular Robert Mueller. The main task of investigation is to determine whether during the election campaign, the coordination between the headquarters of the trump and the Russian Federation.

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