“Trump congratulated XI Jinping on his reelection as General Secretary of the Communist party of China

– U.S. President Donald trump in a phone conversation with the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Chairman XI Jinping congratulated the Chinese counterpart on his re-election at the end of 19-th closed on the eve of the Congress of the CPC on the highest governing party post.

“I spoke with the President of China, XI to congratulate him on his election to the high office. We also discussed North Korea and trade are two important topics!”, – trump wrote in his Twitter.

The Chinese foreign Ministry in a message on the taken place telephone conversation said that the American President said that closely followed the news concerning “important policy proclaimed by President XI Jinping at the Congress.”

“The American people welcomed my upcoming state visit to China, and I look forward to meeting with President XI in Beijing to exchange views on issues of U.S.-China cooperation and regional and international issues of mutual interest”, – quotes the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China statement by trump.

XI Jinping, as they say in the message of the foreign Ministry, thanked trump for the congratulations, and stressed that “China attaches great importance to the Sino-American relationship and ready for a long and healthy development on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit”. He expressed the hope that upcoming visit trump in Beijing will contribute to this.

Trump will visit China in the first half of November this year, during his Asian tour. In an interview with Fox News channel, trump called XI Jinping “influential” and “very good” man with whom he had “very good relations”.

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