“Trump said about the benefits of establishing relations between Russia and the United States to solve the problem of North Korea

– The establishment of relations between the US and Russia would be useful and would promote the settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said the us President Donald trump.

“I think it would be great if we got along with Russia. I don’t think it’s wrong. Is power, nuclear power. I think we could be a good relationship,” he said in an interview with Fox News channel.

According to trump, “the situation with North Korea it would be easier to resolve”, having a good relationship between the US and Russia.

He also stressed that “it would be great” if the United States “could say with China and Russia, because China is helping the United States.” “And, perhaps, Russia is going the other way and hurts that we get. And when I say “can be”, I think I know what I’m saying,” said trump.

“If we had (good – if) relations with Russia, it would be good, not bad”, – concluded the American leader.

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