“Twitter has banned the advertisement in the accounts of RT and Sputnik

Twitter has also pledged to donate $1.9 million that the company earned on advertising RT 2011

– Social network Twitter has banned RT and Sputnik (inoveshchatelnaya resource news Agency “Russia today”) to place advertising in their accounts, the company said Thursday in his blog.

The decision is effective immediately, Twitter specifies that it is based on the study of American elections in 2016 and the conclusion of the intelligence services of the United States that RT and Sputnik tried to influence the outcome of the vote.

“We worked hard to make this decision, and we go to this step now in the framework of the commitments of providing fair service to users of Twitter”, – stated in the message of the social network. It is noted that RT and Sputnik can remain users of the platform.

Twitter also promised to donate $1.9 million that the company earned on the is RT in 2011, to support independent research on the use of Twitter during the elections.

Currently in the United States is a few investigation that should establish whether there has been Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016. In particular, this issue examines appointed by the Ministry of justice spectracolor Robert Mueller.

Previously the social network Facebook handed over to the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of Congress a selection of 3 thousand advertising messages allegedly placed by Russia to influence the outcome of the presidential election. All these ads were linked with 470 pages and accounts registered in the social network.

Facebook and Twitter have given informed consent to participate in the scheduled for November 1, hearings of the intelligence Committee of the Senate of the U.S. Congress in connection with the assigned Russia’s attempts to interfere in the elections.

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