Unintentional murder: teenager stabbed a classmate in the school

Volgograd second day excites the trivial story of the death of a pupil of school №85. On 25 October, about one o’clock in the school toilet discovered the body of an eighth grader Elijah with a knife wound in the heart, there was a pool of blood. Classes were immediately suspended, and on the scene and called the police. Upon the death of the teenager criminal case under part 1 St. 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

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The medical team arrived on scene within eight minutes, but it was too late: the teenager lying in a pool of blood, showed no signs of life. The doctors found on his body a mortal wound: left side of the chest in the sixth intercostal space, the projection of the heart. Resuscitator tried to bring the boy to life with the help of standard procedures: do chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth, but it came to no avail.

Classmates and teachers excitedly told reporters that at recess Ilya along with his friends played with a knife-a butterfly. The teen tossed it up and then caught. The next shot ended in disappointment, the boy caught the butterfly knife and it pierced him right in the chest. The child allegedly went to wash the blood down the toilet, and then he found the students and teachers.

From the beginning, this version was brought into question in the investigation: how, and with what force it was necessary to throw the knife, so he punched the intercostal muscles and landed right in the heart? Where did Elijah when such injury took forces to reach the toilet?

There were other differences. A source in the ambulance reported that in the pocket of Elijah was found a knife, folded . At the same time, the investigative Committee reported that a knife with traces of blood, presumably, the eighth-grader, was found on the street near the school.

The next day after the tragedy, the circumstances of the mysterious death of eighth-grader became gradually clearer. To the investigators voluntarily came classmate of the victim who wrote the confession and told the circumstances of the incident. According to him, at recess, in the hallway of the school, he showed a friend his knife, allowing them to examine it carefully. When “butterfly” was in the hands of the deceased, he accidentally pushed it and the knife’s blade entered his chest. Fearing liability, he tried to hide the murder weapon by throwing him into the street. Ilya, meanwhile, was taken to the toilet to try to stop the bleeding, thinking about the seriousness of his wounds.

As reported in the SU TFR in the Volgograd region at the present time the minor is detained, the question on election of a preventive measure. In the near future the investigators will conduct the necessary investigations to establish the truth.

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