Unique theft: thieves stole a farm for bitcoins

Unique theft, similar to the machinations of hackers, occurred in the North-West of Moscow. From a private home local geek villains kidnapped… farm for bitcoins.

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As reported “MK” the law enforcement source, the hacker attacks occurred in the Moscow district of Kurkino on Monday. The police asked the son of the owner of one of the townhouses. The young man told the guards that the parent house in which he lives, someone made a daring RAID. Criminals bent back the plastic door in the courtyard, and easily entered the house. From there, the thieves went straight to her mother’s bedroom on the second floor. There they found a safe that failed to open. From the vault, the kidnappers stole a large sum of 5 thousand dollars, 5 thousand Euro and 20 thousand rubles, and a handful of jewelry. But the main prey of criminals became a cunning gadget — calculator for cryptocurrency. Computer scientists also call it the farm for bitcoins. This device allows you to earn virtual money. The victim estimated the loss of 250 thousand rubles. However, according to experts, in fact, the gadget can cost many times more expensive. After all, on the virtual account, to which is attached a farm, can be based on the amount of bitcoin equal to billions of dollars. But the main intrigue of the crimes that the villains could not even understand what stealing is. According to experts in the cryptocurrency, the device looks like an ordinary computer or even a small flash drive. The second option is more reliable: when you try to open the contents of a USB drive prompts for a password. After two or three incorrect attempts, the device locks and protects the legitimate account owner. But the farm-computers are often not insured by a password. In this case, the robber can easily write off cyber money with one mouse click.

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