“We just wanted to make great music”

The legendary electronic Duo The Crystal Method were one of the fathers of the genre of bigbit, the authors of soundtracks to many popular computer games and films – will perform this year in Russia with the anniversary program “20 Years Tour!”. November 17th Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland will take the stage of the St. Petersburg club “Cosmonaut” and then November 18, will play in Moscow’s “RED”. On the eve of this major event specially for “MK” the musicians gave an exclusive interview.

The Crystal Method. Photo predostavlena the organizers of the concert.

– As pioneers bigbite what you think about modern electronic music scene? What changes, in your opinion, happened on it since the 1990s?

Ken: When we started, our style was called “breakbeat”, and “trip-hop” and different. We never placed much value in the names of the genres, and just wanted to make great music – no matter what it’s called. And I think we did it. People listen to what they like. And if we get positive feedback about their albums, the tracks show – so we’re doing the right thing. Since the 1990s this trend continues, then, until any changes in this direction are not observed.

– Right now you are working on the new album – what can you tell about this album?

Scott: I just began work on recording the album and hope to complete it in the spring or early summer of next year. I wrote quite a lot of things and plan to work with a few friends, for example, with Glen Nichols from Future Funk Squad, and others. I expect that the record will sound simultaneously like classic The Crystal Method, and as something completely different.

– Many of your tracks sound in the movies. Moreover, for example, you fully recorded the wonderful soundtrack to the film “London”. Are you still interested in writing music for films?

Scott: I really like to create music for a certain picture. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m cool with this process. In addition, we have always developed excellent working relationships with Directors, producers – they really like what we do. And last – be sure to rate our work for the documentary “Hired Gun”, which was released on September 22.

– Exactly 20 years ago, came your the now cult album “Vegas” – do you feel its impact on other groups?

Ken: Yes, it seems that we have indeed influenced many musicians. Not only in electronic music but also in rock music.

– Are you familiar with the Russian scene, is there any singers that you emit?

Ken: Oh, a lot of them. For example, Teddy Killerz, Lady Waks, Mechanical Pressure, DM, Yankee Vanilla Skillz… I’m also a fan of a group called “Pussy Riot”. They are popular here?

Are you interested in Russian culture, and you have already visited Moscow. Do you have favorite places here?

Ken: Well, we loved Red square in Moscow! And, of course, we can’t wait to see the Winter Palace and the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg!

Foreign artists coming to our country often say something like: “Russian audience is amazing, incredible” etc.. What are your expectations on this?

Ken: We love our Russian fans and really looking forward to the opportunity to speak before them again. This audience is well familiar with the fact that we and our colleagues do. So it will be a great weekend!

– Do you prepare something special for listeners in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Scott: you can Be sure that we have special plans for both cities! You will not get bored!

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