“You would have sat down much earlier”: Fedor Emelianenko called brother Judas

Four-time world champion in mixed martial arts, a multiple champion of Russia on fighting Sambo Fedor Emelianenko made an angry rebuke to his younger brother Alexander. “The last Emperor”, as they call it in the MMA world, the emphasis is not spoken about it, but the statement recently released from prison brother brought him out of himself.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Alexander Emelyanenko in interview “to the Soviet sports” told that they can’t communicate for 10 years, and so wanted Fedor. Alexander criticized his brother for the fact that he earns money in America, and his entourage called sycophants. This became the occasion for the publication on the website of the same publication of the open letter of Theodore. The athlete emphasizes that meets the brother of the first and last time, and it is because of loved ones

“Toady – it’s you, Judas. I’m sorry that affects people who were close by and supported you in a difficult moment. I have personally brought for you an apology is not one ten people”, – said Emelianenko-senior brother.

Due to the fact that Alexander named only two of his coaches, not mentioning the rest, Fedor accused him of ingratitude. So, one of the forgotten Alexander mentors, according to his brother, not once helped him. “If not the coach, would you have sat down much earlier and for much longer,” says the Last Emperor.

Fedor decided to go to the end and, apparently, the points to expose the brother, saying that he hid the fact first entering the jail at 18 years of age. In the letter, relatives of Fyodor then helped Alexander, but he eventually broke with them and “threw mud”.

Fedor Emelianenko remembered brother systematic violations of the sport mode, noting that prior to losing the battle with Mirko Filipovic he “had drunk beer belly”.

“You always say that you are the master of sports on judo, but this is not true. You’re all lying,” says Fedor, explaining: master of sport his brother was Sambo.

Statements of Alexander about breathing Russian poison Americans are surprised Theodore. Him and Alexander in the United States was well received.

“Regarding earnings. I do earn in America, but the taxes from my salary is paid here, in Russia,” he put Fedor Emelianenko point in this matter. He is convinced that he can help him only one — stop disgracing the family name.

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