Among the dead has changed the fashion is dominated by white tones

Dark funeral cotton t-shirt is for the deceased began to give way to lighter tones, silk and sequins. And the covers that shelter the deceased in a coffin, is now increasingly decorated with colored threads and even sequins. Such trends noted by the workers of factories for the production of ritual textiles.


As told “MK” the representatives of this sphere, the clothes of the dead often sew, based on the current fashion trends, although a couple of years ago look the latest dresses for women and suits for men were pretty standard.

Clients don’t want to buy “Granny dresses,” said a worker at one of the factories of Anna. — So we have all the time to update the range. The range of clothing is constantly expanding, we are following a fashion trend. If earlier it was important to sew dark red and blue outfits, but now in the trend bright colors. In addition, there are decorative elements, like lace and even a certain amount of sequins. I note that in the male form, too, there are changes. For example, a classic tie is a little inferior to the newfangled butterfly as hipsters and fashionistas.

Changed preferences in the colors of the curtains for the dead. If earlier all records were beaten red blankets, now they are mostly white and cream colored, but colored and richly embroidered with gold thread.

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