Approved standard for dog hotel: the rooms are only single

To take from the owners of dogs and cats food in bags and cans will stop in hotels for animals. And the pet overexposure will not be able to communicate with each other. As it became known “MK”, this is stated in a new Guest for animal hotels. The document has already been approved by Rosstandart.


Under the new rules before settling on a temporary leave, the owner will have to show four-legged friend to the vet three days before the arrival date. Another requirement to the owner to properly pack the food. For the purchase of treats will fit the factory packaging. If watchdog used to eat homemade dishes, products will have to be placed in plastic containers with a tight lid. Also in the Guest detail is painted the correct interior of animal accommodation. Below the hotel is not in contact with each other, each will be allocated a single room. If it is a dog large or medium breeds (e.g. German shepherd or Beagle), the area of the room must be at least 3.5 square meters. For kids like Chihuahua enough and 2.5 “squares.” Cats GOST took more square — three square meters. But the giants like the St. Bernard, great Dane or a Mastiff can enter rooms with an area of five square meters. The animals are not nervous due to the presence of unfamiliar neighbours, between rooms should be not only transparent walls, but also ventilation. Otherwise, as fear of the authors of GOST, the animals will smell each other’s scent. Each room has a window, vandal proof coating on the walls and a door without bars with lock and deadbolt. Well, the owners of hotels have to pave a durable linoleum or tiles, so the dog dug a hole and escaped. In the cat rooms also will scratching post and a shelf width of 30 cm the Right room temperature — between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius.

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