At the presentation of the Theatrical award “MK” Lyudmila Maksakova and Joseph Raihelgauz came up with the verses

Think about it — in the 22 th time, we are presenting Theatre awards “MK”, other — not that the actors young theater — so many are under, and the prize (once conceived by editor-in-chief Pavel Gusev and the editor of Department of culture Marina Raikin) is very much alive, and the passions on our super-short ceremony — and this time we did it in half an hour — it is clear how the theatre is relevant, strong and multifaceted, despite the competition of cinema, television and new media. How it was — read in our report.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Winner of the “MK”-2017.

…First, it is the most disciplined! — a delegation of Theater. Vakhtangov theatre Director Rimas Tuminas, Director Kirill KROK (they went on a tour of the corridors “MK”), and charming Lyudmila Maksakova — her-then get the biggest plate (name plates we order at the Lomonosov porcelain factory) for a sensational the role of Jocasta in “Oedipus the King”.

— Oh, I don’t remember what I got last time? — flirts Lyudmila.

Well, for the “Queen of spades”!

— Oh, really. But on the “Oedipus Rex” and indeed Rimas Tuminas can say one thing: that’s the winning ticket for me, for all of us, artists. Lucky. I believe that our theatre is the best not only in the country but in the world. It is a proven tour. We travel a lot around the world, around the country — was now in Petrozavodsk, Blagoveshchensk, Ufa… I’ve been in the theater are, but now more than ever a very hot reaction of the audience!

But “Oedipus the King” was, in fact, delivered twice — first in the natural “scenery” of the Greek Epidaurus, and then on the native Vakhtangov theater. It was not difficult to enter into such different water?

— How is the puppy left and he floats. The actor is not thinking about it, we said, we must immediately navigate in all conditions. It is clear that, when played at Epidaurus on 15 000 people — my knees were shaking. But it happens once in a lifetime! Zhenya Mironov is discussed, and it also’s the play your played. What is Epidaurus? This is one of those places, where was born General! From there it went to a fabulous event… Rimas will never tell you how he thinks the role, it defies analysis.

— You somehow entered his Jocasta?

— Oh, Yes, it’s all purely by chance, like everything that happens in life. I accidentally went to the office because I had an offer in the theater that I found not quite to my… came to say this. As Rimas said, “And you in the summer, on vacation, what are you doing?”. Me: “Well, in Latvia, probably, to his going.” And I: “But we have a project “Oedipus the king” if you want to participate?”. And “participated”, destiny smiled.

‘Well, Lyudmila, you can only to pay your respects to this performance you see from the audience!

…However, our meeting room is already full of large delegations from Vakhtangov, “Lenkom” theatre “School of modern play”, a lot of guys from GITIS. Probably the first time in 22 years is not enough is not something that chairs and seats in the hall. And while head down on the arm of Joseph Raihelgauz, arguing how someone has “plates” from the “MK”, they came up with a chant in the spirit of the occasion: “don’t be a fool and read all the “MK”. We have already managed to exchange a few words with the other “main female role” in the category “masters” — Vera Alentova:

Theatre now, of course, is changing, “she says,” actors are very much busy, however, and many time in different places. And the audience is changing, nothing stands still. But nevertheless remain knights of the theatre for which theatre has always been in the first place. I number myself among these knights. And what to the viewer — he is much younger, that makes me very happy. Laughter young! And while you hear the laughter, the theater will not die. Although it is not always clear reaction: waiting for the sitcom laugh — and suddenly the silence! And I think: where are we going? And then applause. And understand that we are on the right track.

* * *

Campanula Peter Spector opens speed the awards ceremony:

— I want to note that our paper in two years for a hundred years. We know how to defend their position, you should it be close you also in one time or another used to defend their. By the way, our authors at the forefront of sit — mark Zakharov, Joseph Raihelgauz, meet (in a hall an applause, because many people know that creative Director repeatedly wrote a sharp column in our top section “Free theme”. — Ed.).

By the way, everyone dressed in his own way, no dress code, politeness we have — all free in its manifestations. Marina Raikin — the ideology of the awards and presenter of the ceremony — don’t forget to tell us what happened on this day, October 26, in different years: and the little theatre was founded, and the phrase Stalin was told about the “engineers of human souls”, and nylon was invented. Nylon especially aroused in people, the wildness, someone even shouted: “the Prize of Nylon!”. But — come on! The first pour to the stage students from GITIS (by the way, they later stayed in “MK”, especially Smoking relished): guys with his Director Egor by Peregudova won the prize for the play “one Hundred years of solitude”.

A little later, Dmitry Pevtsov (won for best actor the second plan in Lenkom’s “Day of the Oprichnik”) say, addressing the students:

— Guys, GITIS! Remember: you do not need! I’m serious. I like a man who just launched a course for young actors, I know this for sure. Even if someone came from you — it means nothing. So fight for themselves with teeth, claws, then something will.

However Pevtsova shouted from all over:

— All the guys will be fine!

— I’ll be glad! — retorted the artist. — And I want to remind the famous words that the theatre brings neither harm nor good, so let’s do our job happily, regardless of anything. And you have “MK” (addressing Marina Raikin) is where to play?

— Find!

— Then we will come to you!

…Went on — according to our ancient tradition — beginners, bolometry, masters, all alone for so many years, to the name of the categories used, but this time the word “masters” has caused somehow a burst of laughter, which speaks of a serious young admission to the ranks. And incredibly loud applause earned Viktor Dobronravov, hall is downright chanted, knowing that he gets the best male role of king Oedipus in the same Vakhtangov play (but in “beginners”). But the same conventions, no more, depending on age and amount role. Best female took Anna Senina for the role of Inken (“Before sunset” in the new theatre):

— You know, we live in an age of passion, she said, and such performances are encouraged to think about something nesuetnoy and high, and if those plays will be more — there’s a chance that again we enter into the Golden age.

See photo essay on the topic:

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And the star names ran side chain Ivan Yankovsky (the poet Homeless in “the Master” Zhenovach) and Evgeny Pavlov (Dolores in “Amsterdam” theatre “Sovremennik”) took best actor the second plan in the beginning, in the same category (only female) takes on Ekaterina Simonova for Lena in the “Benefit” of the Vakhtangov Theatre. On behalf of Nikita Kobeleva (his best performance in the Mayakovsky theatre — “the Man who mistook his wife for a hat”) the hall was again tearing ovation.

— This performance for me is important because the company was found in the Mayakovsky Theater that was willing to work with me to study the books. This is a rare form, which can be in a repertory theater. Does the modern theatre for me is one that tells about the man and his struggles. People changing, changing perceptions theater, it is very important for the Director to find a sound that will fit the new day.

Director of the year is mark Varshaver, that humbly bowed:

— Moved.

In the original genre was won by Director Andrey Shchukin with his “Soundtrack”, the ensemble took just two staff — “Our class” at the Vakhtangov Theatre (directed by Natalia Kovaleva), and Gardenia in the Theatre of Pushkin (put semen Serin).

To San Sanych Kalyagin do not get bored, we asked him about the construction of the second stage Et Cetera:

— Can we congratulate you on completion?

— Not yet. Had to finish even if Luzhkov, but there was a pause. Hope will open in autumn next year. But concrete, bricks already made. There will be a large rehearsal hall, and the Museum.

Museum, sorry, what?

Museum theatre. Well as the Vakhtangov theater Museum. And most importantly, there will be a place for the young. I announced on the Russian classics, and independent work — see how to cope. Now they can invite any Director. And for them in the future, this area can not hurt.

BA-BAM: there comes a time of heavy artillery, but before the warm — up on stage volumetry: Olga Prokofiev takes the best female for the role of Kate Keller in “All my sons” Theatre of Mayakovsky:

— The modern theater is the fact that modern, does not matter, most importantly. – Don’t touch those classics, leave her a Saint!

Irina Koreneva — best female second plan for Bettina Clausen in the Electrotheatre:

— It was so sudden — ironically she is playing the daughter of his own father (Vladimir Korenev is sitting right there in the hall. — Ed.). I admit, I’ve been practicing! (Laughter.)

Men’s second plan, as has been said, took the Singers that hit the spot with his revelations this evening:

— My mood is every day better and better, probably will end in a psychiatric clinic — he said “secret,” the problem of modern theatre in that it is not censorship. Out there are very talented people who bear from the scene of dirt, hate, evil and negativity is a problem, that everything is possible and no one is responsible for anything!

Absolutely predictable for the best performance in polumetra takes the “plate” Sergei Zhenovach for the triumphant “the Master and Margarita”. Well, in the new nomination “performance-improvisation” praise earned Joseph Raihelgauz, which put “While filled with beer”:

— That you have not noticed, and in the meantime we did not observe an ancient tradition that is not to say “thank you” to our dear Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. He is not here, but heartily say: thank you, Oleg Pavlovich!

* * *

So, masters!

— We decided not to deny myself the pleasure and reward of all masters pairs, — says Marina Raikin.

However, to obtain for best actor the second plan Evgeny Knyazev (of course, Tiresias in “Oedipus the King) goes one:

— How nice that to this stage has been raised so many of the Vakhtangov theatre!

Best women’s second plan to take Nina Marushina (Teatr im. Pushkin) and Marina Khazova (“Contemporary”). Ms. Marusin subtly noticed:

Happily very Komsomolskaya Pravda had lived to receive the award from the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The best artists — Adomas yatsovskis and Yuri Harika took the prizes and flowers, decided not to say anything.

Best male turns out to Alexander Kalyagin (Khlestakov in “the inspector General. Version”) and Ghostface Killah (Matthias Klausen in “Before sunset”):

It’s deep in my head does not come — says Vladimir Borisovich, but I remembered “Gargantua and Pantagruel” of Rabelais, where there is a wonderful phrase. Tell me, why didn’t the dog gives her the bone? But because the inside of this bone has a modicum of a brain. And for this we drop everything and chase.

Best female — again, strictly in order — took Vera Alentova (Judith bliss in “Oranges&Lemons” Theater. Pushkin) and Lyudmila Maksakova. The latter incidentally admitted:

— It’s not about the prizes, prizes, plates. It is important — not what they say and who says. It’s not what you take, and from whom they take. From whose hands. And I care what I take it from the hands of Marina, from the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. And not in terms of hint and true, by the way, I want to see: the teapot you gave me earlier, it is the country from me, so it flowed… I have great respect for your newspaper, you always have an opinion that is very valuable.

Latest, hottest applause — the two main favorites of Moscow: Rimas Tuminas and Mark Zakharov:

— I like your wording “MK” — as always, with a serious face jokes mark A., with the exception of elevators (mater almost got stuck. — Ed.). Contact my Director, he will advise.

Then the ceremony ended: all went on stage for a group photograph.

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