Brigitte macron: “I don’t feel the first lady”

Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, the President of France his wife Brigitte is not out of sight of the public. And this is, apparently, a woman to hide in the shadows of her husband-President. So she leads an active social life, Elysee Palace even tried to legislate its status. On the day she receives from 40 to 200 letters this in France was not yet.

photo: AP
The couple macron at the Elysee Palace.

What is the secret of its popularity among the people? Perhaps that it, despite its status, it remains a simple, honest and direct. The first lady does not hesitate to discuss with journalists nor the age difference with your husband, nor your outfits, nor public policy. And sometimes just runs away from the Elysee Palace that, like the legendary Sultan Harun al-Rashid, secretly watching the life of Paris.


Presidential tandem

A few months newly minted first lady of France shied away from the attention of journalists. But to deny the obvious was futile: the wife of the head of state was interested in the world community not less than the Emmanuel Macron. In August she gave an interview to the magazine Elle, it was so blatant that the issue with the first lady on the cover was the most sold in the last ten years.

Answering questions of journalists, Brigitte said that the French chose Emmanuel, and not herself. But perhaps the wife of the President a little palter. Before joining the Macron office, she took an active part in his campaign. In March in France he published a book of memoirs of friends of the future presidential couple called “Macron”. The best title for it was difficult to come up with. It seems almost anywhere Emmanuel does not appear without the support of his wife.

As told friends of the Macron, Brigitte gives her husband advice on the selection of clothing and public speaking skills, every morning, carefully studying his schedule and “expresses his opinion about everything”. The authors called this “enthusiasm of the teacher.” There were rumors that the wife of the head of state even criticize his actions, although she denied this in an interview.

Brigitte denies the fact that in the first place in her life are the duties of first lady. According to her, she still remains a family — three children, seven grandchildren and Emmanuel, which after the election of President was conducted with the offspring of the wife less time, but almost every day wondering how they’re doing.

Even the very phrase “first lady” Madame macron is not impressed. “I don’t feel the first lady is a carbon copy of American expressions, periphrasis, which I do not like — said Brigitte, in an interview. — When I hear it, I always want to turn around and ask: whom is he speaking? I don’t feel neither the first nor the last nor the lady. I Brigitte Makron”. By the way, to his “colleague” Melania trump she was addressed by name during the official visit of the American presidential couple in France.

Changing the official status, Brigitte has not abandoned the old habits, for example, from walking. “I can walk with no problems and get pleasure from communication with people you meet on the street,” she says. Sometimes Madame macron even secretly escapes from the Elysee Palace. According to her, to be anonymous on the street helps her little trick: she hides her magnificent hair under a hat.

The first lady is a profession?

Brigitte was so popular in the nation that receives daily from 40 up to 200 letters. As she admitted, she mostly write women and ask for help in solving their problems. And the first lady of France really is not sitting idly by. Madame macron for a long time worked as a teacher, and even now, as the first lady, he devoted much time to education. She is passionate about the idea of making schools more open and comfortable for children with disabilities. “I was fascinated by everything that concerns the school. I think it should be much more open place, a place to live,” she says.

Such active made the Elysee Palace to think about giving the first lady an official status in the law. From Brigitte already has an office in the Elysee Palace, a few assistants and bodyguards. Additional powers may entail additional costs, fear of the French. When the Elysee Palace announced its plans, the Internet instantly gained hundreds of thousands of signatures the petition against the position of the President’s wife in the act.

“The status of the first lady needs to be defined, but not by law but by decree on transparency that will explain what I don’t get rewards, what are my remedies and obligations, — said Brigitte. — On the website of the Elysee Palace will be reported on my meetings, commitments to the French always knew exactly what I’m doing.”

However this initiative was never implemented. It is worth mentioning that the very phrase “first lady” in France, appeared not so long ago. In this country the personal life of the President was worried about the audience not like in America. Even the head of state has never been very special consistency. The socialist President françois Mitterrand actually lived for two families, and the previous occupant of the Elysee Palace, Francois Hollande did not consist in official marriage. Perhaps the only public first lady of France for the last time was the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy Carla Bruni, and then more thanks to the efforts of her husband.

But since the tradition was founded, then deviate from it later. In America, the first lady traditionally not only do charity, but also a trendsetter. “I always paid attention to his appearance and manner of dress, ask my daughters or my students!”, — recalls Brigitte. The first lady of France really stands out for its style. Despite its venerable age, she prefers dresses and skirts above the knee as opposed to, for example, Melania trump, which has recently been dressed with modesty of a true Catholic. However, Brigitte says he does not like mini-skirts. “I wore them when I was younger, she says. now my cut is just above the knee”.

From the first glance catches the eye and passion of Madame macron to the jackets and coats of military cut, which gives her a strong character (French fashion magazines have already took it as a feminist message). Do not hesitate to take the wife of the President and ordinary jeans, even during magazine photo shoots. Of all the designers she makes the Patriotic choice in favor of the French, explaining that wants to promote the French fashion industry. It seems that even in the area of appearance, Madame macron does not do nothing.

It is useless to resist

Of course, the journalists were interested in the unusual love story of Macron. As you know, Brigitte was a school teacher Emmanuel and the head teacher of the drama group, in which he was. When they met, she was 40 years old, he is 15. Brigitte Tronie for many years was married and raised three children. Emmanuel stood out amid their peers, had a theatrical flair and charisma, so Madame Tron chose him in the sponsors school performances of the play Eduardo de Filippo’s “Art of Comedy”. It was during the production time, she realized that the relationship with the student grow into something more. “We worked on the wording together on Friday nights. And since Saturday I was looking forward to coming Friday. I didn’t know why. It seemed so crazy,” recalls Brigitte.

Of course, she tried to resist the strange feeling. “What I told Emmanuel that he must finish his studies in Paris, because it would be better for him, continues Madame macron. At that time we still had nothing, but the rumors have already spread. I thus wanted to protect their children, Sebastian, Laurence, and Tiffany. And what people were saying about me, I didn’t care”.

But before he left, Emmanuel has promised his teacher to come back and marry her. The first lady admits that the most difficult period in relations with Emmanuel was a time of separation before they finally got married in 2007. But a student, a former student of Brigitte wrote a lot to his future wife, and it helped them to stay together.

Brigitte stresses that opting Emmanuel was really hard for her. After all, she had to take care of her three children, besides, she never liked men younger than her. But today she has no regrets about the adoption once decision. “The only drawback of Emmanuel is that he’s younger than me. Actually it’s an inside joke. We never felt that we are different age,” she qualifies this by adding: “the 20-year age difference, what can I say, it’s a lot. Of course, we eat Breakfast together: I with my wrinkles, it with its freshness, it is. But if I hadn’t made that choice, I would have missed a significant part of my life.”

“Being with Emmanuel, I’m so used to, that happened to me the unusual things that now I always ask myself, what is the next adventure? And this continues for 20 years,” says Brigitte.

At first a strange Union understood not all. In a press even there were rumors about homosexuality of the Macron, which he did not get tired to refute, saying that they insult his wife. But now, it seems, no one doubts the sincerity of the feelings of the presidential couple. By the way, she Brigitte did not see anything unusual in your marriage.

“We’re a normal couple like any other. From the moment we met, you were each other happy and was dissatisfied, argued and reconciled. All was changed, — she concludes. — With the age difference, it’s hard to believe we’re perfect for each other. When I read articles about us, I have the impression that I read a story about someone else. And yet it is a very simple story”.

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