Drama in the family Dzhigarkhanyan: the wife barely let in to pick up belongings

The theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan captured the Armenian mafia. Young wife robbed of his famous wife. The second week of the family “Santa Barbara” Armen Dzhigarkhanyan is haunted by the layman, which do not feed bread — give to discuss someone else’s pocket and divide the possessions of others. Than skillful use of television channels in the struggle for a rating.

photo: Marina Raikin
Armen Borisovich after the performance, met with the artists in my office, which temporarily became his home.

News from the front: in the theatre at the Lomonosov Avenue was raided by police. First, all scared, but then it turned out that the test is carried out at the request of Armen Borisovich due to the fact that his wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya stole a passport. But in fact it is an article, and therefore a criminal case. Police searched the main document of the artist, but still somehow interested in accounting. For what reason is unknown, but seized financial documents. But what is surprising: documents relating to the period of work Vitalina as Director (2016) Department was not. Them how to speak, seems to be taken. Was not at work and interim Director, as I said in the theatre on its behalf with the representatives of power structures come to chat lawyer. The police themselves were surprised — they didn’t call for inquiry. Not yet called.

What is Armen Borisovich? After discharge from the hospital, he came to the theater (and actually, he should go nowhere else) and resides in the third day. Says he in the office very well (by the way, if the office has a bathroom), so that any conditions are available. Friends who watch over the artist, found him a rented apartment near the theater, but he strongly wishes to go private, the one, the brand-new that at Molodogvardeiskaya street. For some reason he’s convinced that half of the housing it. He says: “I will set the partition and I will be there live.”

This is unlikely to happen because the lease is in the wife, where she now resides. As we told each actor Arthur Soghomonyan, when the artist on Wednesday came to pick up things it allowed in the house, but with the condition that no one else crossed the threshold. Barely managed to persuade the hostess to let the security guard. That just a few minutes (so much lasted stay Armen Borisovich in the apartment) brought the belongings of the artist. Therefore, it is unlikely in the near future Dzhigarkhanyan will be able to settle down in their half.

Heinous in every sense of the story really boring and primitive, because it is based on the property (some no) and money — nothing more. Classic misalliance has a classic final, individual exceptions only prove the rule.

Armen Borisovich and Vitalina. Photo: facebook@Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

But it’s easy to say “old fool,” and if you imagine an old man who at age 70, with wife, living alone? Guys, even if they are widowers, some are not able to live. Wife of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan — Tatiana Vlasova — lived many years in America, where Armen Borisovich regularly sent to her content material, bought a house that was sold. What remains to do an older man, very unhealthy, albeit popular, with the status of national artist of the USSR? Especially if it comes to rest and care in the form of a young woman? Of course, lean to the female shoulder — not with a nurse to live too miserable and sad picture to illustrate the life of the current artist. Spravedlivosti I must say that in the ten years that Dzhigarkhanyan and Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya were together (though she claims to 15), Armen Borisovich had care, including medical. You know, the time to give a pill to an elderly person, to follow medication in a certain age, it’s more expensive than many of the manifestations of love.

Do not rule out that it erased even the slightest suspicion of the artist in the possible self-interest on the part of the young wife. Perhaps that is why he allowed her all, not injurious to the size of the estate (one bedroom) to rewrite it, as well as your Bank account. Armen Borisovich, who in the actor’s environment is always passed as an intelligent and cunning, another year and a half ago told me sincerely: “still she loves me”. And my doubts: “If this calculation? But if you feel the hypocrisy?” — “Expel” — as the cut, he said.

And that’s kicked out, moreover, first raised a fuss, accusing a spouse of stealing. Colors do this act? At first glance — of course not. But on the second… If the 82-year-old man suddenly finds that remained on the documents without a single square meter of housing, there is not only will start to make noise, but scream. From the pain, from looking at ourselves and realizing that the high status of people’s artist of the USSR, you’re a bum. How else him to return to the previous position? How to live the woman with the stigma of “thief”? Unpleasant, unbearable, when you rinse the whole country. There is one way to remove all suspicion, and finally finish the “Santa Barbara”: to return to her husband put under the law, even with the words “you can have ’em”. Will this step Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya?

But back to the theater. Despite the fact that the police on Thursday in the backstage part worked for a long time, this evening the performance took place. After the actors took to the Cabinet to its artistic Director and sat with him. It seems that the band has split — actors with him, but the administration that the ex-Director and now ex-wife picked out for themselves, not happy to see him. Conflict is inevitable, and that he did not need it: for health reasons after the hospital stress. absolutely contraindicated.

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