“Eternal Uzbek” gave the bureaucrats of the FMS kick

Early on the morning of October 24, a resident of the village of Panjkovic Pechora district of the Pskov region, whom everyone called “the eternal body”, Packed in a big bag, tent and sleeping bag, picked up a gas burner, thermos and pack a supply of food for the first two days and got on the bus to go to the regional center. Before that, he wrote in his page in the social network: “Today from 12.00 in Pskov on St. Peter, 51, will start a single protest, condemning the actions of the FMS. For The Motherland!!! HURRAY!!!”

Photo: from personal archive of Olga Mironovich

Goy you, Russ, my dear

This story began in 2000 when a young resident of Tashkent Anvar Zufarov realized that in Uzbekistan he, a Russian man, nothing to do, and decided to move to Russia. It just so happened that the father of Anwar, Uzbek, died when his son was only three years old. The boy was raised by a Russian grandmother and half-Russian mother, born in the Sverdlovsk region in the family of a soldier, whom both for the Soviet Union before he returned to his home in Tashkent. The result of the Uzbek language the guy never learned, but became so fond of the Russian literature, which he received in Uzbekistan, the bachelor of library Sciences.

First is our hero, of course, he tried his luck in Moscow, where for several years he has also worked as a waiter and attendant, and a laborer-a worker at a construction site, and even leading corporate, until I realized that it is better to open your own business, if I don’t want to knock about migrant workers.

So when friends invited him to the Pskov province to organize an organic farm in the country with someone’s mom St. Petersburg, he decided that this was his chance.

While all the houses

Agriculture in the zone of risky agriculture drew Anwar is not a joke. However, it did not work with his new mistress, and one day she put him over the threshold without a penny. His share in her business he then, however, sued, but at the same time made himself the first administrative violation. Because the former companion at the same time denounced him to the Federal migration service that he did not live at the place of temporary registration.

Anwar a lesson learned and began to collect documents to quickly obtain Russian citizenship. And this, as expected, in writing, renounced Uzbek. But then the Russian migration officials that got it wrong and prematurely informed their Uzbek counterparts that Anwar has become a citizen of Russia, and themselves somehow zavolochitsy preparation of necessary documents. Anwar began to make trouble, but it turned out worse. While he was waiting for a new Russian passport, he was again caught not living at the place of registration, or rather, a few kilometers from thereof.

What happened was this. When Anwar had a falling out with his former business partners and they kicked him out on the street, it sheltered woman from a neighboring village with her three children, whom he subsequently married. Two of them are already expecting their fourth child when their house was raided by the immigration police to arrest a new owner, whose wife left to look after their older children while you were at Tiffany. The Anwar rolled a second administrative violation, after which it lost the status of a compatriot, and even in addition had a few days to leave Russia, then to re-embark on the migratory account.

Easy to say “leave”. In Uzbekistan it to go could not, because they renounced Uzbek citizenship, and wanted to stick their noses into Ukraine, but learned that would not let him go due to new political circumstances. He had to leave his pregnant wife with three kids and leave for a few days in Kazakhstan.

Only once the gardens in bloom

When he returned, Anwar was hoping to again apply for the status of fellow, but there it was. It turned out that to claim such a status is possible only once. He explained that he now forever migrant. Eternal Uzbek, who will have every few years again to leave Russia, and then to go back and obtain a temporary registration.

And without Uzbek Uzbek passport, since during Anvarovich ordeal Uzbekistan managed to change their citizens passports. The Russian foreign Ministry, remembering, of course, notified the foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan that oshibochka out, and that Anvar Zufarov any citizen of Russia did not, and remained Uzbek nationals. But Uzbek officials did not react and accept the prodigal son in his arms not rushed. So Anwar felt nothing.

In desperation, he wrote a letter to Putin, but instead of answering received a notification that his message was sent to the foreign Ministry, the “call back”. But the foreign Ministry some important uncle, according to Anwar, it so “nicely rejected”, Pskov “eternal Uzbek” heard: “I feel like drinking honey, but mustache dripping, and mouth has not got…”

Formally, the officials were right, and honestly? Anwar felt that the Russian migration service has behaved towards him as a punitive body, not as help. And began to swing right. Especially during the life of the Pskov region, he managed to become famous not only as “eternal Pskov Uzbek”, but also as one of the leading cheese-makers of Russia, the frontman of almost all the cheese fairs that take place in the peak of the food sanctions. About Anwar and his wife Anna have already written or filmed television spots in almost all the mainstream media, and recently Pskov “eternal Uzbek” even noted in the Russian edition of “Forbes”. Journalists in eager rivalry tell about the inhabitants of Pskov province, which together process up to 600 kilograms of milk daily, producing cheese, which in no way inferior to the best Italian and French models, and thus provide jobs to owners 25 cows from all around.

And this despite the fact that they live the famous cheesemakers in a dilapidated former barracks of the frontier, barely manage to make ends meet, and Anwar, even in addition from time to time falls into despair, tired to prove to the officials that he was his own. And sometimes even publicly threatened to rush through the Russian-Estonian border, which is just a few kilometers from his farm, “the bullets” to ask for asylum abroad if he fails to naturalize in Russia.

I’m tired, I’m

In the last time Anwar greatly grieved after the direct line with President Vladimir Putin. On the eve of it through social networks called on all his friends to ask for it from the President. As a result, a straight line was received just a dozen cases of the Pskov region in defense of the “eternal Uzbek”. Anwar waited for their fate, and Vladimir Putin has not read even a single question about Pskov.

Syrodel to such a degree upset that he dropped his hands. He even decided to sell their land in the village Babushkino, where he and his wife were going to build an organic farm. “I’m tired, — he has told then to the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Just once, this topic is not even voiced, it means that nothing is going. Something like that”.

However, the news that the famous Pskov cheesemaker decided to quit farming, suddenly caused a huge resonance. The publication of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” read State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Revenko and published on his page in social network “Facebook” a post titled “it SHOULD NOT BE”, and also sent a request to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

“I am deeply convinced that such hard-working people who want to build our country, we need. And like Anvar Zufarov of the Pskov region, we need to help. The guy came to the Pskov wilderness, got married, baptized (!), raising 4 children and raises the farm, but some years can’t get citizenship. Beating on a brick wall. Local officials and representatives of the former FMS astonishingly indifference. Now the guy is desperate is going to have to drop everything and go aimlessly. But… why do we push such as Anwar?! He owes nothing “pushes” work honestly. Don’t we need such people?!” — outraged Yevgeny Revenko.

…And Anwar immediately called the migration service, where he proposed to submit documents for obtaining a residence permit. And even his legacy Uzbek passport as if nothing had happened accepted as a valid document.

Time, forward!

Anwar was glad that now receive Russian citizenship in a matter of months, and began to dream about grants, travel for training seminars, hoping that soon it won’t be so tied to the place of their temporary registration, for example, will be able to go to the cheese festival for all seven days plus two days on the road there and back, but not as usual, only three or four to get home in time for “curfew”.

But time passed, and the officials were in no hurry to issue Pskov “eternal Uzbek” residence permit. Anwar was nervous. And then there’s also learned that he as the speaker of the Russian language was supposed to be expedited (residence permit not later than two months after filing), and went for the fourth.

Added to this family problems: his wife is sick, the farmer-homeless again has a lot of debts… That’s Anwar and went to the extreme and once again set out to fight with the immigration service.

Nothing lasts forever.

…He received a call from the Pechora branch of the migration service, when he was still in the bus. And invited at noon to a residence permit. So outside of Peter in Pskov Anwar arrived in high spirits, though with a full ammunition for the failed rally. Therefore, it immediately approached the police and just in case warned that, if not a citizen of Russia, he actually has no right to even organize a single protest.

But Anwar is no upset, because it only takes a few minutes, he was holding the coveted document and listened as the smiling employee of the migration service explains that he needs to do next to get Russian citizenship.

What happened was this. The same morning “Moskovsky Komsomolets in Moscow” published on the website of the news about Anvarova determination to protest. And since Pskov correspondent “MK in Pskov” is also a member of the Guild of interethnic journalism, led by a member of the Council under the RF President on interethnic relations Margaret Liang, about the incident was immediately informed and Yevgeny Revenko, and other influential people who have already taken part in the fate of Anwar.

So in the evening of the same day Yevgeny Revenko with his page in “Facebook” personally congratulated Anwar Safarova with a victory, and at the same time thanked the journalists of “MK in Pskov” for the fact that we drew attention to this problem.

And other media are too quick to post the news that Pskov “eternal Uzbek” is no longer eternal.

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