Ex-Manager of fighters Emelianenko: Fedor patience

The former Manager of the Russian mixed martial arts fighters brothers Emelianenko, Vadim Finkelstein, commented on their marital conflict, who unexpectedly passed in a public plane. In the opinion of the promoter, Emelianenko Junior is so sick of their behaviour and indiscipline “Last Emperor” that he simply “patience”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Finkelstein in an interview with RT called the words of Alexander in address of Theodore “lie” and its conduct “shameful.” Former promoter suggested that Emelianenko Jr., appears to be just PR for the scandal.

“Alexander acted rude towards Fede. I have no words to Express his indignation. But most importantly — I do not understand why behaves his brother. He is now engaged in the PR, and it doesn’t matter if it’s good PR or bad,” he said.

Finkelstein also commented on the statements of Theodore that he does not communicate with his brother for ten years. The former promoter said that according to his information the “last straw” was the battle of Alexander with Jeff Monson (held November 15, 2012).

“Alexander did not prepare him. It was in a particular binge. In the hall didn’t see it. He was just hiding. We with Fedor found his barely two-three weeks before the fight,” – said Finkelstein. Since the time to prepare for the battle virtually no, Emelyanenko Jr., of course, lost.

Former promoter claims that always helped Emelianenko Junior financial. “My partners personally drove it to the gym, drove through the halls. Emelyanenko some time lived at my house in the Netherlands. It is a penny have not paid for it,” — said Finkelstein, noting that “it is funny to hear the nonsense,” which carries Alexander.

Previously Alexander Emelyanenko in interview “to the Soviet sports” told about the decades-long conflict with his brother. He blamed Fedor’s defeat against Croatian fighter Mirko Filipovic in 2004, saying that wanted “to buy time for my brother, so that he could prepare for battle.” In addition, Alexander called close Emelianenko Sr. sycophants, and also criticized Finkelstein.

Fedor reacted sharply to these accusations and decided to issue an open letter to his younger brother. In his address, the famous fighter called brother Judas, and accused him of lying, and also spoke about his second prison term. In addition, Fedor stood up for the promoter Vadim Finkelstein, and also for the coaches who helped Alexander to achieve heights in his career.

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