Experts: “the Helicopter explorers could destroy charge of the snow and ice”

The crash of the Russian MI-8 helicopter with the explorers on Board could happen due to bad climatic conditions. This advanced version of the pilots and the veterans of the Arctic. The engine of the aircraft could get ice.


Passengers collapsed near the Spitsbergen archipelago of the helicopter were members of the standing scientific expedition. As reported to journalists by the representatives of the Ministry of energy, the three are employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic: Oleg Golovanov, Nikolai Fadeev and Maxim Kaulio. According to authorities, scientists lived in St. Petersburg. On the Norwegian archipelago they came as part of a permanent scientific expedition.

There is a branch of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, – said the President of Fund of support of veterans of the Arctic, honored polar Explorer Vladimir Koshelev, the People work for the last few years on land, drifting stations there. There and hydrologists, and geophysicists. Study the water, the ionosphere, the operation of the satellites.

The missing helicopter belongs to the airline “Konvers-Avia”. Its experts called the stable and reliable. Random people who could deal with the carriage of explorers on Svalbard at all. Moreover, a technical fault of the aircraft, the pilots also questioned.

MI-8 was an ultra-reliable car, – said the honored pilot of Russia Vadim Bazykin, the Cause of the crash could be the weather. Now is the perfect time for icing: plus five to minus five. Moisture gets into the dust device, turns to ice, breaks off and enters the engine. Such cases are rare, but it happens.

In addition, as told by the luminaries of the polar expeditions, in late October over the archipelago is constantly walking the cyclones, often a so-called snow charges. Before the polar night the weather was extremely unstable.

The storm could cover the crew of the helicopter unexpectedly. Flew the “pinwheel” most likely in good weather.

Such a conclusion can be drawn from their route – says Bazykin, They flew from village Pyramid, there are mountains. To fly in bad weather there is quite impossible. Perhaps they expected that soon the weather will deteriorate. But in the place where they were to land (Barentsburg), the landscape has changed. So, too, are mountains, but there is still water. In those places you can safely land the helicopter in the snow with the wind.

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