“God punished”: the Deputy-the Communist unexpectedly made a joke on a colleague, who slipped in front of Lenin

The question of the elimination of consequences of snowfall in Tyumen almost turned into a religious dispute after a meeting in the city Council. Liberal Democrat Igor Raksha said that as many citizens did not take the car and walk, but fell in the center of the city near the Lenin monument.

photo: tyumen.vibirai.ru

“Where you can go, there passed, but barely… it’s all clear. But one question I do not understand. Why I fell near the Lenin monument?” asked colleagues Raksha. Hall responded with applause and laughter.

The Deputy, however, was quite serious. He said that with him fell another three people, and asked why the monument is not sprinkled with salt. He later explained: snow to a mirror Shine clean off the tractor.

Writes Ura.news, in the hall in response, some people wondered was whether the Deputy at the time sober.

Apparently, the answer to your question from the officials Raksha never received. About to him, the leader of the local branch RKRP Alexander Tcherepanov joked that “God had punished the Latter near the Lenin monument”.

“Nothing, but I do not understand why officials said the chief our dear Communist Alexander Cherepanov Kipriyanovich?” – posted by Raksha in Facebook. Liberal Democrat slyly suggested that his colleague was a Communist, judging by the remark, suddenly believed in God in the centenary year of the revolution

In the comments jokingly suggested that the reason for the fall could be a diversion of the companions on the coast. Raksha theme supported, below noting that the fall barely has damaged ligaments.

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