How gullible citizens buy gold sign of the Komsomol

Relatively recently in Sochi, ended the 19th world festival of youth and students. And although Congress has long ceased to unite a newly-Communists, many of the traditions are still alive. Boys and girls from different countries of the world, as before, participated in discussions, sports and cultural events. Going home, they particularly exchanged badges in memory of new friends.

But the delegate of the festival in 1985, the pensioner from Moscow Viktor Gavrilov managed to gather a collection of icons, rightly worthy of the Guinness book of records.

In the depths of the personal library of the Muscovite Viktor Gavrilov keeps several thick folders where tarnish from age and dust nearly eight thousand Soviet badges, miniature evidence of the past era.

In 1985 I worked at the world festivals of youth and students. From the time I started my passion for collecting, recalled Viktor, solemnly taking the sheets with the badges.

The majority of participants of festival was then standard symbols or talismans, devoid of all individuality. Filled in aluminum: a traditional dove of peace, Picasso painted still, but the young lady in fancy dress. However, some craftsmen have produced icons of heavy metals – cast iron and copper. We can assume that these are different from the mass of sample copies, especially expensive and therefore more valuable to the collector. However, Viktor Nikolaevich strongly dispels this common myth.

– For the collector any important icon, “he explains,” However, if the icon is released before 1950, its value increases significantly. – Some cost about 30 thousand rubles.

The price difference is explained very simply – any thing made to 50 years, are considered Antiques, which was never cheap.

And in 57-th year, when I first held the festival in the Soviet Union, the mints in Moscow and Leningrad began to be mass produced icons. But the most fruitful for exhibitors and collectors were gathering of Communist youth in Cuba. The artists of the “island of freedom” came up with pictures that bore the imprint of the local flavor. Transformation particularly often exposed palms, which have changed beyond recognition, almost completely lost its familiar look.

In the manufacture of badges took place and curious cases. When hotovylsya festival in Algeria, in the country there was a revolution. The icons however released. But clever producers have decided the entire batch to be redone. The words “participants of the world festival in Algeria” jammed and replaced with engraved “Vacationers Forestry of the Republic” (the so-called popular camp). But the silhouette of the African continent decided to leave.

Another time beguiled flags. The Finnish was Swedish. Strangely enough, the representatives of the Northern neighbors did not complain.

The first icons in the Soviet Union appeared in 1918. They were made by a handicraft method, however, as rewards of Imperial Russia. On spontaneously emerging small enterprises and in jewelry stores masters come up with original patterns and designs.

– A single sample was not, – says Gavrilov, So you can see a variety of options – star, pennant, banner, – the collector of rare badges almost a hundred years ago with chains. Later they recognized a relic of the old regime.

– Almost to the beginning of the war existed for the organization of the Communist youth international, whose acronym KIM used everywhere. Badges worn on the forage caps and fastened with the screw, pay attention Gavrilov on the massive pin, which has never meet.

The characters were changed for ideological reasons. For example, an athlete on one of the old icons fled to the East, however, he soon rushed to the West, where the Soviet government was going to “export” communism.

Now, many speculators use the gullibility and inexperience of some collectors. Street vendors can, for example, to offer to purchase the gold badge of the Komsomol.

– Only main decorated Leonid Brezhnev got in the 50s, the Communist party of the gold badge, – said Victor Nikolaevich, – And you’ll find the Museum. More such was not.

By the way, some regular visitors of the festival has surpassed the achievements of the head of the Soviet Union. So an elderly tourist from Germany came in 1985 in Moscow in a special vest, decorated on both sides with icons without leaving a millimeter of free space.

Collection of Victor Gavrilova updated regularly. This year’s festival, held in Sochi, he also not left without attention.

But the icons produced significantly less sadly he said. – Today they’re very colorful and made of poor material, paint wears off quickly. But with time every thing gets gloss. So, who knows, maybe these icons will once sell for any one of ten thousand. – t Victor Gavrilovich, after a pause, added, – in a hundred Years…

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