How to choose the correct antifreeze for the car

The onset of cold weather once again forced the owners to recall the almost forgotten during the summer months the problem: a huge number of winter “AMIVAC” for frontal dripping shamefully freeze even when not particularly hard frost. This leads regularly to look for places that sell “antifreeze”, which do not freeze.


But even finding such a liquid, you first need to get rid of the frozen reservoir windshield washer summer windshield wiper. For this it is necessary to warm the car in any room and vibrathot fluid on the windshield. No matter how dreary and smelly (because of the perfume in “mywiki”) this activity may be.

Another way to get rid of the frozen “acountability” — to use the services of a car wash. To do this, you should ask your cleaner insert the hose with lukewarm water in the neck of the tank. Running water will quickly melt ice and remove non-conforming liquid. To emerge it will all be in the hood space, but there’s no sentimentality.

Then you need urgently to look normal, that is, resistant to frost “antifreeze”. And preferably not at the price of fine whiskeys.

Let us briefly recall about types of antifreeze for washer. The cheapest — on the basis of methyl alcohol. Trade in them is forbidden in our country, but in the winter they can still be bought without a problem. Significantly more expensive “nezamerzayki” — based on isopropyl alcohol. Them absolutely officially in our country makes and sells a lot of manufacturers. In addition to greater value isopropanol differs disgusting chemical smell. In order to disguise it, such “nezamerzayki” added a variety of perfumes, and their scent is absolutely gross. The least harmful to the human body “mywiki” — based ethanol. But they are also the most expensive.

The ability to withstand the cold and minimal vonyuchest are the main requirements for antifreeze. If it turns into a jelly at a temperature substantially above that on the label means that the manufacturer has nadolol her alcohol. Often this sin semi-legal producers.

Here are a few tips on how to high probability to select a normal “antifreeze”.

Seek first the liquid in a transparent container. An honest producer has nothing to hide. If the bottom of the canister has some kind of sediment — it is better to be “chemistry” not to get involved. Pay attention to tube “baklaga”: it should be qualitative and not open.

To assess the degree of bonusesthe liquid, it is possible to bring the neck of the canister to the nose. A really hideous perfume will break even through a sealed threaded and will reach your nostrils.

The best feature by which to judge nezamestnanosti “nezamerzayki”, — the place of sale. The price is not necessary to navigate: the most expensive brand may well be the most foul-smelling and unstable to freezing. Keep in mind that in a heated room all the “mywiki” liquid. And only from the seller, who boldly exposes a pyramid of cans in the cold, you can hope to acquire a guaranteed ice-free “antifreeze”.

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