“Identified the pet detail”: the story of the sacrifice of motogenic show

Two of the hijackers of the elite of the motorcycles was detained by militiamen in Moscow region. It is noteworthy that to embark on a criminal path they possessed a keen desire to participate in a reality show.

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As it became known “MK”, 23-year-old administrator of the fitness club from Moscow Vladislav with his-fed peers Andrei (the man worked as a Manager) from youth was fond of motocross. One day they accidentally saw a transmission on one of the channels.

According to the authors of the project, the participants show almost live needs to escape from the persecution of hunters. Friends wanted at any price to be on the project. They came up with the idea to get away from his pursuers on motocross bikes. Remained the case for small-to pass the casting. However, trouble Vladislav and Andrew technique did the guys. The bikers got together and decided to get its criminal way.

They began to seek listings on the Internet. The scheme of the hijackers came up with is pretty simple: call the landlord, after a couple of days of inspection, and the day – breaking of the garage. That’s what they did with the two owners. One of them kept their brainchild in Solnechnogorsk, another one – in the capital on the street Timiryazev.

– I fell in love with Motorsport in 2004. First I bought “Suzuki RM-Z450”, then another camera. Old decided to sell. The meeting was attended by Vladislav, – told the “MK” Dmitry, the owner of the stolen motorcycles. He carefully looked, began to bargain, and then said he would call back. The day I arrived in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow to the garage. There I kept both bikes. The picture in front of me opened the sad — taken from the box door and an empty room, which walked the wind. With the technology the villains stole two helmets

Man in fact is desperate to get back the stolen property. What was his surprise when he on the blue screen I saw my bike, which out of the chase a friend of his personality!

– I recognized your iron pet for some parts, which were installed by myself and the first owner. It did not help that the thief repainted it. And besides, the police checked the engine number with those in the documents. They match, the person affected continued.

Stolen Suzuki guards found and seized in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy, Rostov region. The attackers exchanged a broken motorcycle a used “VAZ-21099” and returned to the capital region on the four wheels.

During interrogation, the investigator, the men fully admitted their guilt. Wrote a confession. But the testimony about the fate of other stolen property yet refuse to give. Therefore, during the investigation, suspects put in jail under arrest.

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