In the Pacific ocean rescued the Americans, drifting five months, published video

American rescue workers rescued two women and their dogs, before that for five months drifting in the Pacific ocean on a yacht with a broken engine. Saved Americans were provided food and necessary medical care, at the moment they are in no danger. This was reported by the press service of the US Navy.


In the spring of this year a resident of the United States Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuaba together with their Pets went to independent travel with the Hawaiian Islands and headed for Tahiti. On 30 may, the ship got in a storm and he lost the motor. Thus, women found themselves in the middle of the ocean without the ability to continue the journey. Attempts to move under sail was not very successful, and daily send distress signals for almost six months with no response.

Fortunately, the yacht was all necessary in order for the participants who had gone according to plan, the journey could survive for such a long time: a journey us took to the desalination of water, and stocks of oats, rice and pasta, which could be enough for more than a year.

October 24, signal for help, finally got the Taiwanese fishing vessel. At that time American women were about a thousand miles South-East from the coast of Japan. The received signal was transferred to the coast guard Gunma Prefecture, and then the nearest rescue coordination centres.

The women were sent to the American landing ship USS Ashland. The U.S. Navy has provided a video where you can see first the process of finding a yacht with a helicopter, and then moving toward her rescuers. The traveler will remain on Board USS Ashland until he will not arrive on any port.

Unfortunately, not all stories about the yacht, found drifting in the waters of the world ocean, have an equally happy ending — the last year in the sea near the Philippines fishermen have noticed the ship with the body of a German sailor, supposedly died of a heart attack. In conditions of dry weather and salty ocean air body in a half the boat was mummified, due to which well preserved.

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“Two American girls spent six months at sea on a broken boat”


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