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Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet with Bulat Okudzhava. And I asked him who all his life haunts me. I asked Bulat Shalvovich: in the nineteenth century, people were the same as now, in the twentieth century, or have they changed?

Lord have mercy, and it is now the twenty-first century.

So, Okudzhava said that people, in his opinion, do not change. Only change circumstances.

And for years I thought he was right, because the poets know better. But, apparently, the earth’s axis something is out of order. And people twisted.

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Lived in Moscow sister Kuznetsov. It is believed, incidentally, that Kuznetsov is the most widespread surname, but this is the way. So, Natalya Kuznetsova grew wonderful son Andrew, and the son of Irina Kuznetsova, Stanislav, thirty-five years old drunk.

The family of Natalia lives in Mitino, three-room apartment, and Andrew with his wife and daughter lives in a one bedroom apartment nearby. To the point in question, Irene divorced her husband and died, and Stanislav from time to time, moonlighting as a loader, then as a night watchman, but in the end completely down.

So, Vince got a beautiful two bedroom apartment on Taganka. As soon as he was alone, he began to take two rooms and the money to live, drink and from time to time even paid utilities. But as time went on, the vodka did the trick.

Aunt Stanislaus, Natalia, always cared a lot about the nephew. During the life of the sister she’d always put him in a different clinic, where he was trying to cure from alcoholism. Sometimes, he stayed a few months. A few times he even got a job as a mechanic, where he blew off the dust, because he had hands of gold, and for that much is forgiven. Irina thanked her sister and then it started again.

After the death of Irina Natalia a few times a month to visit his nephew, brought him food, cleaned his room and even found a decent hotel which the best of followed shiftless nephew. But he’s so boring tenants did not like, and he led others, cheerful and not greedy. They liked to drink and always treated him.

And then one fine day in the apartment Stanislava a woman, pleasant in all respects. At first, she paid him, and then said that they will now live as one family, brought from Bryansk husband, some relatives and in the end they persuaded the flexible master to live better outside the city, in the fresh air. A nice woman brought Stanislaus in the far suburbs, settled his uncle Kolya, who drove moonshine, and sat on Taganka, however, once a week went to visit a dear Stas.

Natalia did not realize that the nephew fell into the hands of apartment scams. At first she thought it was regular passengers, from which it is easy to get rid of, but it soon became clear that Bryansk “relatives” took up Stanislav seriously. And that’s when she came to the Taganka to look in the mailbox, there was a payment receipt. And it was written that now the owner of the apartment is the very pleasant woman.

Natalia wrote me a letter, I sent it for consultation to a lawyer, the lawyer of the three days studied the bag of documents, and finally Stanislav gave my aunt power of attorney and on his behalf, a lawsuit was filed in the court.

I omit details about how was looking for Stanislaus, which hid from reliable people. I omit details about how Stanislav has drunk up to green devils, chewing your socks, called Natalia Vasilievna grandma Claudia and asked to make him semolina porridge with raisins. I have all this and much more is lowered because even for brief descriptions of this parable requires a robust health and steady mind.

However, the trial began, and like everything went on as usual. And here Stanislav, which Natalia moved to his Mitino, accidentally met on the street, the Anastasia, his first school love.

I’ve seen her. This is a very kind and very lonely woman. She never had no family, no children. And here Stanislav in a moment of enlightenment goes with her to the Registrar registers the marriage and the picture changes beyond recognition.

As Natalia watched the story? In fact, she just did not occur to him that it is utterly drunken nephew can make some human movement. And now Nastya took to get her husband from the dead. It is the first time in my life was and for that reason was a real threat for his enemies.

And soon I comes lawyer Stanislav and said: do not think that I was crazy, I started to stutter, but Natalia spoke in court from the Bryansk “relatives” confirmed that Stanislav willingly sold their apartment and now, like a real crook wants to take it away from good people.

You may ask: how so?

It’s very simple. As it turned out, Natalia hoped to lay their hands on the apartment of his nephew, and the emergence of Nastya’s absolutely not part of her plans. Realizing that the apartment goes, she agreed with Bryansk “leverets”, the court decided in their favor, and they already sold the apartment Stanislava. A lot of money, I suppose, have divided fraternally.

* * *

There lived in Moscow a husband and wife Astafieva. For many years, they could not have a baby, and when he finally appeared, it turned out that he had a severe form of cerebral palsy.

Sergey offered to leave him in the hospital, but Elena said that this can not be considered.

Sergei was a thriving construction firm. The first three years Elena was sitting at home with Sasha, and Sergei was supporting the family and even attached to his son. First, he’s not doing it, and then nature took its toll, and besides, the kid was utterly helpless — in short, Elena had every reason to hope for the best.

However, every year a child care demanded more money. And Elena wanted him not just lived — every day she tried to do everything possible for him. Not all parents of terminally ill children have the strength to fight. Many settle for less, that is, the maintenance of life, and nobody has the right to blame them: in our country home care for these children is more than a feat.

But often one parent sacrifices himself, and the other is not. It’s not a question of physical and financial capabilities — this is the position. Realizing that the worst did happen, some parents rebel against the limitations that brings them trouble. That is what happened in the family Astafieva. Sergei wanted after the hard work of spending time with friends, all his life he dreamed of travel, but a sick child a stone lay across the road. Home with friends will not come — there is the infirmary, and travel will not go — the wife is firmly attached to the house.

Helen, which it was important to keep and a husband and child, resorted to a compromise. In a former life she was a lawyer, and now, from the comfort of home, she began to write a simple complaints and, whenever possible, advise the needy. And she began to embroider pictures and people love to buy. In the end she managed to earn enough money to pay the sitter and pull with her husband in some distant country. My husband, however, and so was the money for a babysitter, he just didn’t want to waste them on such nonsense.

And like travel, and like the wife was hanging a stone around the neck, but Sergei was still not myself. Now he got on my nerves the fact that the home is often a crowd of strangers, then the parents of sick children, needing legal aid. And over time, they added the ladies-embroiderers, because Elena began to learn the goldwork techniques. But for her it was not only an opportunity to earn, but also communication with different people, some new knowledge — that is, full life.

So day after day, was destroyed this fragile structure called “the family of the sick child.” In a normal family need to keep standing by the trowel and the cement to patch the hole. And in a family with a disabled child, twisted and bellowed in his bulky wheelchair — there need not cement, but a miraculous substance, which can be seen on the ground at all enough.

And Sergei went on a business trip, and Elena got in the mail a subpoena, the husband filed for divorce and division of property.

Then she found out that he liked the young nurse, who stayed several times with my son when they leave for vacation. She did not even realize that it hurt more: the fact that my husband is so cowardly went to court, or the nanny, which is kind of sympathized with her and sometimes even cried, looking like she’s suffering, trying to feed Sasha. Perhaps the babysitter. Sergey has long moved away and it was clear that nothing good is not over. But the woman she trusted her sick child…

In a cruel twist of fate, the meeting was scheduled for that day, when Sasha was thirteen years old.

Sergey decided to cut it all: a two-bedroom apartment in which they lived, the appliances, including a French toaster, a waffle iron and Korean steamer, the apartment of her deceased parents old cottage in Larks, car and every penny of the money.

Elena in court became ill. And after a break she realized that she doesn’t care. Sergei showed some funny papers, of which, in his opinion, was that of Lena’s parents slept and saw, as if to leave his son-in-law apartment. She wanted to say something, but found no strength.

— If you take the car, I will not be able to carry Sasha to the hospital, she said to her husband.

— Other will buy, — he said.

She gave him a car, a dacha and a parent apartment, and he was digging in their lists, looking for something else to grab the stupid women that pick, and it will fall to his knees.

— It was necessary to go to court with a lawyer — said her friends.

— Did not have to marry a pig, ‘ she replied. But the fact of the matter is that he was an ordinary man, and if not for a sick child, maybe she would have lived with him my whole life and never understood. This trouble showed all invisible. And her unrequited whetted him, and he decided that now he can be everything.

And he fell in love with another woman, and let it be gone, it happens — but where did this insatiable beast?

It just seems that the presence of the patient requires all family members to be particularly attentive to the relationship. In fact, the patient often causes pathological hatred of healthy people. There was a time when to put that hatred on display was indecent. But they were now in a fashion a healthy way of life.

* * *

There was in Moscow Anatoly Machines. In his youth he traveled the country, worked on large construction sites, and everywhere he was glad, because Anatoly was a virtuoso welding. In the end, about its art recognized head of a large construction company. So Anatoly returned to Moscow and became a respected man: earned three times more than ordinary mortals, has received awards and nothing to grieve. Except that he really wanted to marry and become the head of a big happy family. His parents got married as soon as they turned eighteen years old, lived in perfect harmony, had five children, all placed on the feet, and the house always reigned peace and prosperity. The rich have never been, but family always had.

Anatoly married a girl from the Laundry. And what’s interesting: he’s not in love, and just chose a pretty girl and made her an offer. And Tamara took him because he was an orphan and lived in a Dorm, as they say, had nothing to lose.

Building trust has allocated them an apartment in the new house. They lived peacefully, the rest went under trade-Union permits, she has a son. It turned out that the other children they will have. Anatoly mourned-mourned, but accepted — means, not destiny.

Then the son grew up, fell in with bad company and started drinking.

Telling me about her son, Anatoly just drove him crazy: how is it that he fed, watered, mother’s soul in it doted, and he became a drunkard. According to him, was that he all the money invested in the project, and nothing came of it.

The upshot was that the son found in the pub a lady fifteen years older, married and left her in a godforsaken suburban corner. Tamara began to carry up bags products, as Anatoly just erased him from my life.

Mother — curve soul, said he, when I asked why he did not try to fight for his only child. — I have seen such in his lifetime. If you drink — down the drain, there’s nothing you can do about it. What could I have done, fed, clothed, did not drink, and the wife in a mouth does not take. Well, I now out the window for him to jump?

When Anatolia was fifty-five years, his wife suddenly asked him to divorce. It is like thunder struck. And Tamara said that all they had, in addition to heat, and all life they lived as distant relatives. And she said she met a man, who in his old age, opened her eyes, heat and all the joy.

It’s time to say that they lived with Tamara in the Studio apartment, which he received from the trust. Son was in the apartment and grandparents. So, over time, they privatized the apartment for two, in equal shares.

After the divorce, Tamara moved to his new chosen one, and Anatoly was left in the apartment alone and for several years he lived a solitary man. And then he fell in love with a woman who in thirty years have never been married. When it turned out that she was pregnant, they got married. A daughter was born. Anatoly ordered her in his apartment. And then there was the stranger.

He said the Car that his ex-wife Tamara sold their stake in the apartment and now he will live here.

The stranger was a man of unpretentious. After several scandals, fights and police visits he explained to Anatoly that it has the right to live in their half and will live with their parents. And what about the Car with his little daughter.

I was very touched by the story of Anatoly, and I rushed to help him. I thought the ex-wife of Anatoly had no right to sell my half, because the apartment is registered a small child.

It appears, however, that it is not.

By law Tamara was obliged to ask Anatoly to buy her out. And only in case of its failure, she had a right to sell it to another person.

Anatoly long time to convince me that no one he did not offer. And then the lawyer who took the case, found that in fact Tamara had met with her ex-husband, but he refused to purchase the shares, and then she found another buyer.

I was sure that the sale of the second share in a Studio apartment violates the rights of a minor child, but I was wrong. Every person has the right to do with his property whatever he pleases. And to someone else’s child is irrelevant — it’s not its square footage.

There is legal uncertainty, there is a big hole in the law. But so far there is no other, is to recognize that to live in one room with strangers for the child, and there is only one way out: to sell his share.

The lawyer explained that Anatolia and for several days consulted with the realtors, which said that the money from the sale of the shares, you can buy a decent apartment in New Moscow.

Imagine my amazement when I heard the continuation of this story.

Anatoly said that her apartment in New Moscow it is not necessary — he needs to avenge his first wife. All his life she was kept, fed, watered, and then she found herself another. And who will compensate him for all losses? And my daughter — well, daughter, he rented a room, not a Palace, but you can live. First you need to deal with his first wife.

* * *

I just skin feel the hatred that comes from some people on the bus, in the subway, on the street. Summer in the bus I sat at the place designated for the disabled. On that day, I bravely went out into the street without a stick, but to stand for a few stops and had to sit down. There entered the bus a lady with a stick and told me to move. I replied that you can not — then you will not be able to get up. She began to yell that this is a place for people with disabilities. Burning with shame, I showed her the certificate that I am the invalid of the first group. She said help I bought, grabbed my jacket and ripped off the seat.

So what has changed — people or circumstances?

I’d like to think that the circumstances have changed because they really have changed. And while we were not, for example, masters of their own square meters, all were equal in their injustice and people did not eat each other — made no sense. Now the meaning is there — and started cannibalism.

But hate begets not only a struggle for the property — at least some, any. Us from morning to night told that enemies are around. What enemies? More enemies than we ourselves, and there can not be. If we are so easy to convince of anything — then we deserve it. Because it is impossible so poorly in his life. Greed and hatred — the most affordable fun?

Give up without a fight? Just what are the circumstances here?

Want and give up. That’s all.

P. S. All names changed.

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