Ksenia Sobchak on the Federal channel: the revolution, the dam burst

First there was the word. And the word was with Ksenia Sobchak. She said “Bulk”. Then he said: “the Crimea belongs to Ukraine.” The world is not overturned, the walls collapsed, the TV is not turned off. Although she said it supergoodtees the channel “Russia‑1” in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

This is a revolution, the dam burst! Ksenia Sobchak after a long break, was again on the Federal channel. Hurrah! Now, she’s like a candidate. I mean, candidate to candidate. Approved at the very top, where you choose your sparring partners.

Everyone was waiting for Xenia… Ten minutes, twenty… But instead while sitting in the Studio her mother, Lyudmila Narusova. Then — and this is all about her: She is a child, Ksenia-teen, Ksenia, Ksyusha, Ksyusha… Around mom’s Andrey Malakhov put interesting men. Deputy Milonov, for example, a businessman, Mitvol, TV producer, journalist, editor of a glossy magazine female. All, with bated breath, with a gleam in his eyes reminisced about Ksenia Sobchak something different, intimate. And the heroine of the day, all was not…

Need to fill the spot. First showed how Alexander Nevzorov shoves Xenia scruff of the neck a dragonfly, and she yells good mate. Funny story, Yes. Then clip with Timothy, well, very erotic! I thought that for the occasion will give the other roller, Vasya Oblomov, where he, along with Parfenov Sobchak speaks to Vladimir Putin in the style of rap. But no, not just Timothy. Hopefully, until…

“Tell me in the headphones that Ksenia Sobchak will be literally any minute!” — suddenly shouted Malakhov. And here it is, the phenomenon Sobchak people. All the cameras of the Soviet Union installed in the back of the Studio. Is She on the go her correct microphone, the dress, all that is necessary to correct… Around the crowd, if it is not Xenia at all, and one of the Klitschko brothers before the fight for the title of world champion comes to the ring. Loud and prolonged applause!

A simple dress, glasses, a minimum of make-up — glamour in its purest form. Although, it was built (fixed!) it is on glamour. The whole entourage, the party, the environment, entourage, and the Malakoff, with all due respect, I wanted to show the glorious past of the candidate, codenamed “Dom‑2, or the Blonde in chocolate”. At least She had to turn into Michael Bohm, the whipping boy, which is actually a girl. This obviously was a script. “What muck this your jellied fish, said my good old editorial friend with whom we watched the show. — The whole world has gone crazy.” And in this mad, mad, mad world need to hold presidential elections. Appropriate.

I was never interested in her glossy TV past that are pushing the “well-wishers”. You never know what you are passionate about in his youth. Yes, and “Dom‑2” — I, too, sin! And the lovers… Well, one of us had lovers! Also my second sin. But at first She really couldn’t get out of the popular genre, although she really wanted to. Stammered, stuttered, spoke inappropriately. Do you think this diva is thrust into the presidency?! Madhouse.

But gradually Sobchak began to come to life, remembered, as it was in a past life. And uttered the word “Bulk”, that is called the one who must not be named. Then explained its position on the Crimea, in MGIMO taught. Then he said that even our savings afraid there, in the Crimea, to work. And he said that he wants to live in a country that is friends with the world, developing high technology, and discusses the problem a century ago — who slept (or not slept) future Tsar-autocrat. Well, then from the wings came a pilot, a family friend. And said: “Tired of dying for the Motherland, I want to live in it”. And, too, received his portion of applause from the appreciative audience.

Summary: the first public Susie pancake was not lumpy. She won this battle. In the eyes of our lightweight glamorous diva, even at the very end, but turned into a sensible citizen, speaking on multi-million dollar country what he thinks. She managed to swim out of the swamp glossy, pulling his hair, not to become a whipping boy, that is a girl.

…And came to the Studio the guys were as crazy and did not know what to say. They come popiarit one Xenia and got another. They sat and envied her her freedom and her otvyaznosti, because in my life they always told only what they are told and earn money. These do not take in presidents.

Yuri is a Dude

It turns out that you can live without a TV. Rather, to make television in virtual space. And you will look as a Yes!

You can work in a traditional interview and collect millions of views. It does not tell you about the nail Polish, not to remember his novels, not to write mediocre songs. Just put in front of him a companion, just to talk to him — and impossible to put down.

That Yuri Dude, meet. The person is not from TV, former sports anchor. Man about thirty with a small tail. And he’s a real hero of the Internet.

Go to him by all and Sundry, piece people actually. Khodorkovsky goes, Bulk, Parfenov, Purulent, Posner, and of Ksenia Sobchak to the heap. Go then and don’t regret it. Because I see ourselves very interested, intelligent, deep-digging companion. Which also gives them save face, do not run much, but shows all of their essence, but just strips. And they are happy to get naked!

A young man by the name of Dude very accurately able to find a pain spot, the fulcrum that spins its yarn. He is sensitive, moderately cynical, very modern and extremely intelligent. He feels almost everyone sitting in front of it the person feels time around, past and present.

If he was on TV, it’d have incredible ratings. But on TV it is not, because the TV — it sucks for those who understand. And understand more and more.

To remember

Again repeated by “Culture”, this time the meeting of Urmas Ott with Alla Pugacheva in 1998. Deportescom year, bad year. Almost twenty years have passed…

photo: Alexander Astafyev

I remember Urmas first appeared on our then more perestroika TV. It was shock and awe. He is in the West led the conversation on the verge of trash and polular. But only on edge… Because that’s the same as it is now Dude, he clung to something of the sharpest, deepest in man. And not estranged from this man, there was no cold alienation. Remember his interview with Nikita Mikhalkov in ‘ 86, with Lyudmila Gurchenko in two years, with Arvydas Sibonisa. It was a pleasure!

…Then he came to us from another country, free and independent Latvia. Signed a contract and the second time entered the same river. Yes, now he was looking at us as a foreigner… But, no foreigner, no, he’s our, Soviet… And that’s Joe. And these intelligent eyes, and every phrase, word, where as much sense. She trusted him completely. And said that you could go for the presidency. Another said how she loves her big boy Philip (Maxim Galkin did not yet exist in the project). Talked and talked…

Urmas Ott worked the contract and disappeared. Then the small Russian channel “Nostalgia” live, the phone rang: do you still remember me? It was him. Already terminally ill…

And soon he was gone. Magnificent master interviews, suddenly rushed into our predrassvetniy era. And returned again… one last time.

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