Mikhail Gutseriev: “When the Soviet Union collapsed, all our centennial savings disappeared”

In addition to that Safarbekovich Mikhail Gutseriev, according to rigorous expert estimates, is headed by one of the wealthiest family clans of Russia, he is also the chief of the founders of Fund “Academy of Russian music” and its offspring — the Russian national music award for the third time already is preparing to take stock and to distribute the prize-winning “elephants”. Home — not because the richest, but because he this idea came up and started together with Igor Krutoy and Yury Kostin: they are the founders of the Foundation and delegated special powers.

But as it turned out from a conversation with “MK”, such responsibility not to abuse them, even though such a suspicion comes to mind to everyone who sees in all the catch, and in order that, by his own admission, “to make dreams come true” — the words of the famous song.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

— This year, more than 400 academics, people who know music, poets, composers, producers, musicians, performers, journalists, all those involved in making music, show business and the music industry — will vote in the nominations announced — explains g-n Gutseriev and expressed the hope that this Assembly will make a fair and honest verdict.

Around the notorious themes of honesty in General a lot of noise. For example, everyone thought the award that was created in order to perpetuate the award of the patron — Michael Safarbekovich. And he claims that was covered with sweat, last year when it came to the category “lyricist”, and felt untold relief from the verdict in favor of Leonid Agutin. With fatherly tenderness enumerates the names of the winners: Tree, Bilan, Kirkorov, the group “Leningrad”, though agreed about the last that this music and songs he doesn’t really like you, but “it’s really a phenomenon, they won, so the best — at this time, in this period, at this time.”

However, his statuette of recognition, he is not deprived. Alla Pugacheva has handed him a prize at last year’s “Song of the year”, and, in General, it would be strange not to note the merits of the author, music to the texts some time writing all the famous pop composers, and his songs don’t sing nothing but the laziest of lazy on this Russian stage. Got to Wikipedia and counted 50 artists, suspecting that the list is not complete, because to the Desk of the poet the path of suffering is not overgrown and probably not heal for a long time…

In the first and all subsequent views of Mikhail Gutseriev — man “the most fair rules” as the poet wrote. Traditional and quite conservative. During our meeting he was happy with a sort of youthful enthusiasm due to the fact that he wrote “three of the youth track.” Set to listen to. The club experience the club experience, powerful, trendy, pulsating, ringing, rousing. I thought that the author decided to bring people a new M-Band Fashion Band. It Turned Out — “On-On”! Here you and! Now I understand why such a queue. He also breathes life into seemingly long-dead. I do not know how to prize, but Bari Alibasova just need to put Gutseriev even a bronze bust in front of his entrance to the Arbat…

More profitable to tell the truth than a lie

– You have discouraged many at the gala dinner during the presentation of the national music award, a statement of the age at which, as you said, already ashamed to talk about honesty. Decided to place, that is, dot the “i”?

Really, how can you at this age like mine, when one eye look in forever, talk about honesty. In the sense that if you say this, it means that there is doubt or reason for doubt. This category is absolute, in my opinion, as God, nature… When a person 60 years, it would be unnatural to perceive honesty as something not obvious to yourself. Silly to ask: do you love your child, love your mother? Of course!..

– The underlying philosophical message, however… And in life probably had to deal with fraud and dishonesty? As, in General, and to every man…

A hundred times I was deceived. A hundred times I was disappointed. A hundred times deceived of their hopes and illusions. A hundred times I deceived my expectations. A hundred times I was deceived by the government. Enough 1991, the year the Soviet Union collapsed, and all the hundred years of the savings of my mother, my father and my suddenly disappeared, even this example… And now, at age 60, to stand before the congregation some of the most famous people in the country — musicians, poets, composers, producing your head, the talent, the creative product — and speak to them about integrity is ridiculous. Especially since I’m male, and I’m Caucasian. But some fundamental things are absorbed with mother’s milk, including that the man must speak the truth in the face, to be honest. I don’t want to portray myself as a special person, infallible, Holy-roller, but if you go back to a particular topic and to talk about music award, about the forces that were spent on its creation, and to reduce everything to some backroom by someone about something then to agree! Why? What’s the point? It would be like to get to grandma’s pocket on a tram and steal her purse.

photo: From personal archive
With Igor Krutoy, the co — founders of the Russian national music award.

Is, of course, the obvious…

– So ashamed to say this, because it’s obvious.

– Nevertheless you were forced to say it, because the world of show business in which you some time have become an eminent person, probably the most cynical place in the plan of lofty moral categories. These are your words came, even some dissonance, an unheard-of revelation, and the people were a little stunned…

– Well, Igor Krutoy recalled how previously bought premium in 25 thousand roubles.

– Honestly, I didn’t understand what he was saying. Apparently confused rubles with dollars still…

– The plume from a vicious order of things which has long been considered the norm, created an atmosphere of cynicism, distrust, unbelief. So leveled meanings, values, attitudes… That last year was an amazing situation, when nominations actually won’t the people who were in the room, and many of those who sat, did not win anything. Of the 15 winners was not ten.

But Lev Leshchenko was expanse: it did not descend from the stage, taking unclaimed figurines with a promise to transfer recipients, the ceremony was actually a benefit…

Yes, Leo Valeryanovich liked… But there were no people because no one believed they can win, they with anyone about anything not agree and decided that no one will remember. I hope that now it is all going.

– You are like don Quixote? Why you need it — to engage in such a troublesome business as national music awards, despite the fact that in addition to a successful business and you are now one of the most coveted and sought-after on the music scene authors?

– Not don Quixote, but rather enthusiastic people. I want to do and to do things that interest me and that I consider important. But I do wonder, I see how important it is to change some established wrong things. In addition, as we have already said, there’s tribalism, localism, various other motivation. I saw it all, of course. And I wanted to change that. In such a large country, with so many multicultural people, with a rich and diverse culture, including musical culture, pop music, pop music, like Russia, there is a need that these scales correspond to the at least one solid, reputable, unaffiliated music awards. The world has changed. With the Internet, YouTube, when the delivery of objective information takes seconds around the world, it is very difficult to hide the truth, attempt to say one thing and do another. This applies to all spheres of life — art, politics, and social processes. More profitable it becomes to tell the truth than a lie.

photo: From personal archive
With Valeria.

Not thought about any show business

– You’re infatuated with the musical Affairs of the community. But in this community many stars, having achieved success and fame, invest often earned in any other business — sometimes successful, sometimes disastrous. Your way completely the opposite: you are a successful businessman who became successful and recognized poet, a true hit maker. Sudden transformation to observers from the outside. How unexpected was it for you?

– For me it is not a surprise. All my life I was in this dimension and in this paradigm. In addition to the business… Always been interested in art, poetry, read poetry, listened to music, wrote. Without false modesty I can say that the verses of Russian and Soviet poets can read heart five hours without a break. All my life I was very fond of poetry. Of course, like Esenin and Pushkin — and school, and zalkalna, and College, and sanctitude program. A huge reservoir, depending on time, age, feelings, life circumstances. But the denominator is always the search for truth and answers to the questions that concern you. Over time I began to write something, was speaking into the recorder, wrote down on napkins… Children, youth, adult experiences. And in 2007, when I left the UK, I had suddenly time, and I was asked to bring all the poems that for many years I wrote in the table. I have reviewed, read, edited, produced for himself a large collection. Ever thought of doing any show business. Back then in Russia, and my friend introduced me to Alexander Buynova in the restaurant. I play a little piano. He played, I played. Then he began to sing, I read poetry. He asked, whose is? I say, my. And you can say I music they write? He took the poems and wrote some songs.

– Began to be violent — your godfather in show business?

– So.

– How difficult or easy to combine such different spheres of life and activity: big business and creativity? Usually “physics” and “poetry” — the people of the opposite formations…

– Very difficult. It’s like fire and ice. On the one hand, pragmatic, strong-willed, dynamic existence in work, in business. Creativity is a totally different story. This aloneness is mandatory. Complete abstraction from the external stimuli, the state of detachment. It’s not just lofty words. Especially from Saturday to Sunday, when I know that the morning will not have to go to work. This is a completely different story. When you write: “don’t knock at my heart, for you there’s no place, I lost happiness on the other side of the sky…” (During the recitation of these lines of tone of Michael Safarbekovich almost close to raspevnye manner of Joseph Brodsky. — A. G.) Yesterday I wrote a song this good will. Final yet should be the plot, the ending, and there are possible options… How it was born? Friend knocked on the office, and I said, then knock, come in. Born once: “don’t knock in my heart…” a Small episode, the secret of creative cuisine.

photo: From personal archive
Alla Pugacheva announced to the country on the main poet-songwriter.

– With Andrey Makarevich day we were speaking about that just the poem and the text for the song substance of a different order that the song text is designed for a connection to the music…

– Absolutely so.

– Is it difficult to find authors who might write to your text exactly the music that you hear the most when creating artwork?

– Half and half. I’m kind of a musician, he graduated from music school violin. Play an instrument. Solfege four years studied, know what flat and sharp notes. I wrote a lot of music, eat a lot of my songs are made, so to speak, under the — and text, and music. “Say about love sometimes loud whisper, say about love sometimes quietly cry…” There are many works, where I am co-author of the music. Sit down at a piano and strums. It’s easy really. But I do not abuse it. Because then I’ll just go crazy. Today I am almost already owe 10-12 songs.

You somebody something owe?!

– Yes, imagine. Sent me the music and I promised to write a song. But with Bilan Rudkovskaya, Jasmine, for many… Indeed, I owe! Well, no time. Crisis, many problems in business. I am constantly in the Affairs of the Board of Directors, that. I was even late, remember, this dinner party on the occasion of the award… And, of course, I can music to take over, if a strong desire.

The play of meanings and sustained anger

– Do send the music that you absolutely do not like?

– Often.

– Be offended if you reject something?

– No. Because what happens when you and I many times make the texts to be redone.

– And in the get-together rumor as you are merciless to those who dare…

Is such injustice! There is no such person who would have to face me to say. For this you have to be an idiot to hang back if the person asks you to see something, to alter. Well wishes is “desire is suffering” — the “wish-dream” — Oh please! It’s a play on words, and of course I change the lyrics if I please, modify it. Polina Gagarina so he asked me to change something in the song “Stone heart”, Tamara Gverdtsiteli… of Course I change the words. It is not true. Those people who told you that, just steady the anger, it’s gossip.

– How do you artists filter, do you have any criteria for partnership? Or are willing to give everything to everyone who asks?

– Not all and not all, of course. Sometimes people don’t like, and I don’t write. But those with whom I communicate and with whom you work, most people are very decent, very talented and very famous. And for me an honor to write for them. And the process really is not so easy. This communication, music, ringtone, is writing in, his remake from 20 to 30 times sometimes redesigns the original version. Probivaetsya, some notes should be properly put into words, to make a phonetic rhyme because rhyme video is rather primitive… Find a creative hook, as they say. And so on. The process of creating a song usually takes from one to three months. But get good songs. Here is “Stone heart” Gagarina is a very good song. “Indivisible” Bilan, “Indigo”, “Star” Kirkorov… To every song I find unusual words. “Gray eyes of Marengo — the light of love”. Many did not know what “Marengo” — most people I asked. And this is this color. Napoleon battle of Marengo, during which he was dressed in a cloak of unusual gray-blue color, and there went the term — the fabric of Marengo. Baskov sings now.

– How informative is in your songs!

I was told that it would be wrong to load texts. And I think — correctly. Must be the meanings, the implications, people need to learn something new, look up the value if suddenly hear an unusual word, turnover. It’s not because I think I’m so smart, I like. Just think that not only is form important for the song, but informative. If you want, there must be a rebus, which would be interesting to solve. A play on words, the play of meanings is very important. I try to always look for something unusual, intriguing, and apply it in the music, the song… Here the memories of my College youth, when in the hostel we had black bread, margarine, Georgian tea and condensed milk. So we lived, was happy, and if it was nearby and the girl is beautiful — this tea with milk!.. And born this way for the song “milk Tea,” which takes great Taisiya Povaliy, because these images, apparently, and for her filled with meaning.

photo: From personal archive
“Cherry love” Nikolai Baskov — one of my favorite songs of the author.

Portion happiness

– That you “Best songwriter” in the country, first heralded by Alla Pugacheva in the “Song of the year”, sang your song and gave the prize to. Tagged Alla, not quite so little, but they were elected. You then feel?

I felt that this is really a confession. Recognition of your creativity. And quite by accident in my text was written music Andrey Ktitarev, and accidentally Alla this song “don’t call” take. And for me, of course, recognition as the fact that many other performers and composers to work with me. It’s the people that I respect really. Many in my youth I saw on TV, listened to tapes in the car, went to their concerts, watched. And then, of course, could not imagine that for many of them over the years, when we’re all grown up, I suddenly become the author of their songs. Life has, of course, your metamorphosis, which it is impossible either to unravel or to calculate or to come up with. I never thought that this could be, and look what happened. And when this award from the hands of Alla happened, I went out first on the scene “Olympic” and told the words of the song lady Gaga: “I’m happiest of all”. Of course there was emotion, of course, I was happy. But happiness must be portioned, as well as the pain and the person will die from happiness. But that day I felt happy… I very well relate to the composers, they are great, hardworking people. Not even talking about the performers — it’s all bees, day and night tours, the cities and villages. Very hard work — to become a great artist. They’re using too large of humiliation pass. So I try in their relationships with the artists to be very correct, not to do something that can harm them. And no one actor can’t say that I have caused him some inconvenience, if we return to the issue of rumors and gossip.

– This is perhaps natural, when the people on a large scale and the impact of rumor, speculation, gossip, lots of malevolence and injustice?

– Of course, you can say that there is a necessary evil, but put up with it, do not pay attention to it, not to argue, not to resist would also not the right attitude not only to life in General, but also to yourself, to people with whom you work, whom I respect.

– Do you have favorites from this host of popular artists performing your songs?

– I would not use that word — “Pets”. I have great respect, for I know that behind every great artist is a great work. This chain of mistakes, successes, delight, disappointments, this is a great way of life and experience. They know the world, remain there, trying to make it better and maintain a sense of self-worth. A good song makes you smile, dance or cry, love or hate, forced to live. So every song, especially large, as, for example, “Tenderness”, “Nocturne” or “Hope” when it comes to singing the classics, like much of the contemporary repertoire, making the world better.

photo: From personal archive
…To him not overgrown star trail. Left to right: Alexander Marshal, Sergey Glushko (Tarzan), Natasha Koroleva Larisa Dolina.

– Then slightly rephrase the question: is there any artist that best embodies your author’s plan or opened up suddenly in your work, something new, something you most surprised by?

– Few songs have such. Dima Bilan incredibly made the song “Indivisible” — such enthusiasm, such a expression! This is the highest grade, I think. Of course, the song Nikolai Baskov “Cherry love” I really like. And the clip “Indigo”, which was directed Philip, I think it is actually a masterpiece. And, of course, my favorite, “My dress was you family hugs” Taisiya Povaliy. And it’s composers: Igor Krutoy, Alexei Romanov, Igor Zubkov, Sergey Revtov, Victor Drobysh, Andrew Mishin, Max Pokrovsky, Victoria Kohan and many others… powerful song “I miss us still” Gregory Leps. We do in fact miss us still, when he was just jeans, a shirt and three rubles for the movie…

– You list the people of so many different genres. It is hard to imagine that they have one at all songwriter. Because of this it was necessary to achieve…

Well, I still lived a great life. I studied, worked hard, graduated from four institutions of higher education… In the seven years I took the pen, when I went to the first class, and in forty years, when he defended his doctoral dissertation, I put it and promised myself that I’ll never learn. Because even at the age of forty fingers was the school corn pen, green, with bruises… coursework, exams, dissertation, you write verses, bills sign, then the letters correspond to…

I realized that I was very out of date

How many pop music and pop music, so go and talk about the crisis of the genre. Justified if they, in your opinion? You would want to change something in modern pop music?

– Russian song is impossible without tears and smiles. You can experiment with styles, we could melt the ice or it may not melt, but it will go and still remain “white carriage, white carriage tied the fate of the two rings. Tied century, love the longevity, love infinite: Yes…” — I’m the one new song they write. The wedding will always remain, eternal feelings — forever and a Russian song should be soulful. And if she’s not mental, it remains passing the time, although, may be relevant. But such relevance is fleeting. But a real, a great song will remain for 20, 30, 40 years… there is No crisis, I do not see. On the contrary, the Internet has created a competition show business, when there are talented young people who may have no money, no sponsors to promote themselves. It causes people to work more, to write better, to sing better. Russian pop music is developing by leaps and bounds. Today it is difficult to be the first because the first can be twenty. This in Soviet times, when only the radio “Mayak” or “Morning post” 20 minutes a week reminisced about the stage, and everyone was waiting for the new year “Blue fire” to hear some new songs, and singers, poets, composers, called, appointed, — that it was indeed horror, crisis and hopelessness. And now so many talented young people! Of course, in this regard, there was a lot of tinsel. I also send a lot of material, sometimes of 50 sketches is one thing worthwhile. But opportunities to tell new about the disproportionately. The quantitative explosion, of course, led to serious changes in the quality and diversity of the musical landscape, cultural enrichment thanks to the open information space. So the Soviet Estrada sloppy today.

– Is it possible that the group will finally perform your song? Still, award winners, popular, and still without Gutseriev songs in the repertoire. Disorder right…

– I very well belong to the group “Leningrad”, though, I think, the group “Leningrad” do not care on how I treat them. I didn’t doubt it. When they won “Rock band of the year”, I was the only person on the status and prize rules can find out who and how of the academicians voted. I decided to ask these people. Asked one of the composer: why he voted for the “Leningrad”? You know, he says, you’re not Russian, you do not understand, this Russian! I say: you’re crazy, you’re a very wonderful songs you write, you graduated from the Conservatory, you are a great composer, the son of another great composer! He told me: Yes, but this Russian world is a Russian song, it is a reality today. Asked the second of the composer. You know, Misha, he says, for us, Muscovites, Petersburgers, this is our fate… Asked the third. Well, we’re drinking people, he says… I was Ramatuelle in all three, and then on the fourth and fifth… And realized that apparently I’m outdated, I’m from another world, or simply I do not understand. Of the three hundred hundred academicians voted in favour of the group. All that in St. Petersburg to drink and macugnaga… I also of course love. And even to write all of it can. But not yet ready some things to praise in the work. Mine is “Nocturne” Robert Rozhdestvensky, Arno Babajanyan, Muslim Magomayev. I’m willing to listen to this music a dozen times a day.

photo: From personal archive
With Christina Aguilera.

– So we can not wait for your songs performed Cord…

– Well, why? It is the author’s project of Sergei Shnurov, of his diocese. Same as “Nogu Svelo!” — diocese of max Pokrovsky, a talented musician, composer. But max and I separately cooperate, he writes amazing music, and we have a separate project, and “Nogu Svelo!” his own territory, so we agreed. We wrote five songs, one of them — “Crazy nights”. This is the only song I’m willing to listen to a thousand times. And I listen to it, but nobody likes her.

– Bizet’s “Carmen” at the premiere, too, was booed, and then came to his senses and called the world’s classics. I guess the role and importance of the Maxim Pokrovsky in contemporary musical culture is not yet fully digested… And your songs love artists, listeners, but journalists often criticize and bite. Do you find in the criticism of something rational or just jealousy and backbiting?

– I’m not a cake and not a beautiful woman that everyone loved me. Of course, to sell the cake, you have conviction to say that it is very tasty, nice and sweet. I’m a businessman, quite tough, very pragmatic, love math, numbers. Don’t like to share, I love to multiply. While I’m quite successful. And, of course, is a combination of business and creativity is not everyone’s taste. Not everyone likes my poems. Esenina for a long time did not print. And Pushkin remembered in connection with the centenary of his death in the 30-ies, like Lermontov, — on the instructions of comrade Stalin. And there would be instructions, and not be remembered… the poets at life in General are not very good. Except, of course, who is favored by the government. But if the poet is still rich…

– An explosive mixture!

– Not a poet but a criminal, Yes. Because the poet must suffer in poverty, persecution, and be sure to hang himself or fall asleep. Mayakovsky, caressed by the authorities, and he shot himself because his gut was against what he wrote. Here’s the shot and… the Russian and Soviet writers and poets were suicide — Mayakovsky, Fadeev, Yesenin, and Tsvetaeva, Drunina, Bashlachev… Or a poet should emigrate, and then, after death again, to the true recognition. In all this, the usual code of a sudden fails: poet, rich, houses, airplanes, Newspapers, steamships (laughs), but still writes about love, writes songs, they all sing, and even compose music! Nonsense, lies, work for him literary slaves… And at first asked frequently: who is the translator? What is an interpreter? Well, you say, Ingush, probably, write? Serious adults are asked… Such a bad view of foreigners. Why not just write: a tautology is, and graphomania… you Know, time will put everything in its place. If it graphomania and tautology, that people sing it not, and even if out of a hundred will remain five songs, so it was not a tautology and not graphomania. And my poetry is a completely different story, with the music generally not associated. It’s two trends in one soul. Write, speak evil, and God is with them. I forgive everyone — Christian, as a Muslim. What do you want to write, do not like do not read, do not listen. In YouTube — billions of songs, we have dozens of radio stations, times, and switched… And who likes, let him hear. That’s all.

– True your dream or is she still waiting for its implementation?

– Has not come true yet. I want to write a song that will be at least half a century. Don’t want to speak for centuries. It would be ridiculous to think that.

– As Besame Mucho?

– Yes! This. Or as “Soft”… And I really hope to write such a poem, which ever will learn in school.

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