Millions and men Julia Roberts: pretty woman celebrates birthday

It is hard to imagine, but true: Hollywood star Julia Roberts Saturday, October 28, will turn 50 years old. And she’s still hot. Whose look makes you smile. And makes you scroll in the memory of this song: “Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street. Pretty woman the kind I like to meet…” And “MK” has decided to recall some interesting facts about the woman.

The movie “Pretty woman” originally was supposed to be a grim story of “moths”. Still from the film

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World famous Julia brought, of course, a romantic Comedy-melodrama “Pretty woman”, filmed in 1990 and gathered $464 million at the box office — at the time very good money. General Roberts is one of the most successful Hollywood Actresses: if you put together the box office of movies with her participation, then it will amount to more than $2.7 billion and indeed throughout the nineties and early two thousandth Julia Roberts was the highest paid actress in the world. If “Pretty woman”, she received $300 thousand, for her role in “Smile Mona Lisa” it got an unprecedented fee of $25 million! She, of course, earns not so much. But nevertheless included in the top ten most expensive workers of the dream factory. According to published this summer, according to Forbes, she and her $12 million earned for the year is on the 8th place in the ranking of the Actresses. Well, not a sin to recall that Julie five times, was named People magazine most beautiful woman in the world.

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Actually really called Roberts not Julia and Julie (Julie Fiona, to be precise). The name had to change when joining the screen actors Guild USA, as there already was an actress named Julie Roberts. As a child the future star dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. But fate decreed otherwise. For the first time on the big screen she appeared almost thirty years ago in the movie “Satisfaction” (“Satisfaction”). And before she played tiny — without a mention in the credits! — role in unremarkable Comedy “the Fire brigade”. Critics saw her in a production of the romantic Comedy “Mystic pizza”. A role in “Steel magnolias” brought the young actress a Golden globe and the first nomination on “Oscar”.

So Julia was in 1990.

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The film, which is strongest associated with the name Julia Roberts is “Beautiful.” I wonder if this tape got the job the way it was initially intended, would he have had such success? At first, the title of the film was not “Pretty Woman”, and “$3000” (as the main character-a prostitute was supposed to get a night with a client). The role of Vivian could get the other — for example, Karen Allen or Meg Ryan. Yes, and a happy ending too, not expected: in the original version of the hero-lover had to throw out his life as an addict with a low social responsibility. Because the film is not conceived as a romantic Comedy, but rather as a grim story about the hard life sex workers Los Angeles. However, everything turned out the way it did. The role went to Julia, the movie found a happy ending and the name of the song Roy Orbison. Well, Roberts received worldwide fame, another Golden globe and another nomination for “Oscar”.

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At an early age Julia Roberts was quite turbulent personal life — she had an affair, Matthew Perry, Liam Neeson, Daniel day-Lewis, Benjamin bratt. Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland relationship came almost before the wedding — but three days before the wedding date, the couple broke up. And in 1993, Julie was married to actor and country singer Lyle Lovett. However, less than two years, the marriage broke up.

The second experience of home life Roberts was, it seems, is more successful: in 2002, she married cameraman Daniel Modera. The couple had three children. First twins, a girl, hazel Patricia and boy Phineas Walter. And then another son, Henry Daniel Moder.

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Julie’s father was a Baptist, and his mother was a Catholic. Julia herself grew up Catholic. However, in an interview in 2010, Roberts announced to the world that she professes Hinduism, and considers himself a follower of a famous guru neem Karoli Baba. Even children Julia received new names to honor the Hindu gods — hazel was given the name Lakshmi, Phineas — Ganesh, while Henry — Krishna Balram. It happened in 2009 in one of the ashrams during the filming of “Eat, pray, love”. By the way, shooting this film involving Julia Roberts has caused dissatisfaction among residents of the Indian villages, who could not get into the Church for funeral services.

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