Moscow was saved from the killer Director of far Eastern logging companies

The assassination of the head of a major far Eastern enterprises on logging prevented the city guards together with their colleagues in Khabarovsk. The elimination of the businessman of Azeri origin, had arranged for his countryman.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, this fall the officers of the Main criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs it became known that a citizen of Azerbaijan is looking for the killer. For the preparation of the order of 36-year-old “facilitator” arrived in Moscow from Baku and lived there in a rented apartment. One of the detectives met him in the guise of a contract killer.

During the talks at the meeting in the restaurant “oasis” in the middle of October, the man handed the “arrow” of 100 thousand rubles as an advance for the violence and gave data on the victim — the head of the logging company “inter-forest” road-repair enterprise “Berezka”. The businessman known in the Khabarovsk region, received thanks from the Governor. In different years his firm has carried out repairs of roads, prospecting and evaluation works for placer gold. But the main activity of the company is logging and sawmilling, timber and transportation of assortment.

At the end of this week “killer” brought to the organizer of the murder-scene photos of the incident in the village in the Khabarovsk territory, on which was depicted a blood stained the victim’s car after the shooting. According to legend, the corpse of the businessman was taken out and buried. After that, the broker promised to send the rest of the money and was immediately detained.

The identity of the customer of murder isn’t established yet. Unclear until the end and motive. Economic background and the version of the redistribution of the logging business is a priority. But the mediator said that the way he was asked to kill for the broken destiny Azerbaijani girls, which allegedly married a businessman.

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