New Olympic discipline is able to enrich the Treasury of the Russian team

Compared with the Sochi-2014 Olympic programme of the future XXIII winter Games has been changes about which already wrote “MK”. In the win, largely thanks to the efforts of the international Federation, was Curling. He added the third set of awards – mixed double, that is, the game “2 on 2” with a man and a woman in the composition. The Russian team qualified for the historic tournament with a pair of Anastasia Bryzgalova – Alexander krushelnitsky thanks to their victory at the world championship-2016.

How to play

The teams are 10 ends (parties), the classic “4 on 4”, and 8. Each of them is not on 8, and 5 shots of stone, the skip (captain) makes the first and the last, and the three in between – the Vice-skip. Before the end of the team put up one stone without shots in two different zones. It is important that until the 4th throw prohibited of the take-out, that is, starting the stone on the knocking out of another shell. Svetovanje (working with brushes) is present, and making a throw, the player needs to catch up and get ahead own stone.

Olympic residence

With the advent of full-fledged youth Olympics now you can pre-tracking, for any sport or their watches varieties of the international Olympic Committee. They gradually “run in” at the level of the youngsters, take into account the factors of dynamism, entertainment, intelligibility and differences from the base case. And in recent years especially welcome mixed discipline: no accident originated team competition at the Luge, mixed relay in biathlon, the fifth set of medals in figure skating, etc.

The final decision on inclusion of the exception a new medal should occur in the framework of the sessions of the IOC not later than 3 years before the day of the start of the next Olympics. With double mixed doubles Curling all standards have been met and the tournament has successfully passed the inspection of the youth Olympic games.

Selection in Korea

The decision of the Curling Federation of Russia, Anastasia and Alexander campaigning together for three years, exempt from passing the internal selection for the Game on a pair that won one of 8 vouchers (2 less than in classic competitions). Qualification was carried out on total points won during the two pre-Olympic world Championships. Victory in 2016 is blocked the failure in the spring of 2017 (9th result): amount brought a passing grade with a good margin.

Our hopes

In October, three members of the Russian mixed doubles was held at the suburban training base in Novogorsk under the guidance of coaches Basil gudina and Daniel Raphael. Three – not only because the Game needs at least one spare part, but in need of sparring. The representatives of “the mixed pairs” easy to play classic Curling, but the “classics” not everyone can be in the format of “2 by 2”, although there are exceptions. In addition, players are not recommended to be distracted by another species, especially in the eve of the most important start four years in office.

October 26, the St. Petersburg couple Bryzgalov and’nitskii began a speech in German Geising on the stage of the world Curling tour, where in addition to the two Russian play top 20 teams, including from Canada, which, like Brazil in football, are treated with special reverence.

– When we moved into a new variant of Curling, was pretty sure that she will be soon included in the Olympic program, although he began with the others, – says Anastasia Bryzgalova. – In principle, we can combine both, but developing my direction. We start with the already drawn position of the stones, besides all the ice is divided into two: one third will not help, and the spare we have.

– Who combines a couple, and whether there is an incompatibility on the ice?

– What Sasha will be playing together, we decided for yourself. And lapped each other until now. Because you yourself have chosen such a path, the difficulties of moving with firmness.

– What is command authority?

Our young sight is accepted that the last shots are made by girls. But it so happened that I had never performed the last shots, and my partner just got used to it. Decided, so be it. He was in the “classics” skip, I was Vice – skip, that is, throwing the fifth and sixth. Man we got home, and I to him passivhaus.

You could assume that a new pair would become world Champions?

– World Cup 2016 we passed a difficult way of selection, and then could not doubt the high. I did not expect, but Sasha was sure. Thought because he’s a boy, if performs the leadership, though leadership thought brings.

– Weak points we have, – said Alexander krushelnitsky. – In the issue of teamwork it is impossible to reach the limit, so you have to add in work on communication, psychological component. A psychologist, besides our coach Vasily Gudin responds to any of our omissions, is trying, if anything, to reassure. Now just follow the plan to reach the peak for the Olympic games. Level? While slightly above average. No need to force.

– Can you already talk about the main rivals of the Korean tracks?

It is very difficult to make predictions. These games were selected on the basis of two world Championships, the results are controversial, We are third in the list by adding first and 9th place, which gave 18 points. One of the group of eight, which claimed 42 national teams, determine strong or weak? I will highlight only Canada. As a name in Curling, the trendsetter. We have a country of 1500 people involved, they have 2 million. And who the national selection in the country will already be a very strong couple. Although we with Nastya at the canadian international tournaments went not once, not to say that the fight with the tops – an impossible task. The ice we all have one.

Expert opinion

Vasily Gudin, coach:

– Nice to hear such a cheerful attitude from our players. He helped on the winning the world Cup. It is in any case not arrogance, simply a manifestation of the great desire and the right attitude. To raise all this in the ready the athlete is very difficult to find a player, just radiating confidence – a rarity. So Sasha and Nastya we try to maintain the mood. With the uncertainty which will achieve little. During training on the ice closely. In Novogorsk trained everything, but we are experienced in this regard the soldiers, no stress is not experienced. While the other two couples and help us, and themselves form support – in the event of any force majeure, they shall be ready.

From the Olympics we all expect great results, but in terms of the first tournament in the mixed double to make history all you want. And here can prevent two things: the underestimation on the one hand and fear on the other. Our main enemies. The guys understand that. Korea, China, Switzerland, Finland and Norway have already decided on the line, USA and Canada will do so later. We study all. The tournament consists of two parts. Round Robin group stage is the most important job, every day we need to give. But to the playoffs, much still needs to get the strongest familiar, but there come in bad luck and randomness.

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