Nuvshego kitten Belarusian police officer expelled from the bodies

Belarusian police announced the dismissal of his employee, became famous after it under the camera much kicked kitten.


Quickly spread in social networks the video was recorded by outdoor surveillance cameras near the store in Polotsk: in the video, the man specifically goes after the kitten has his leg so that the animal flies away, hits the wall and runs away.

In Polatsk the police officer was fired because he kicked a kitty

— RB of a brain (@belamova) on 27 October 2017.

Man, after the video began to look not only zoozaschitnikov, but also the police, which ultimately led to success.

According to “Vkontakte” ATC Vitebsk regional Executive Committee, “the bodies of internal Affairs carried out an inspection on this fact. It was established that the improper act committed by the employee of Polotsk police”.

The result, continuing in the militia, was the decision on his dismissal “in connection with the Commission of the offence discrediting a rank of the employee of bodies of internal Affairs. On the fact of cruel treatment of animals initiated the administrative process.”

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