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Creativity is often considered a characteristic of a person, in some way to influence which in the short term is almost impossible. However, Israeli experts from the Weizmann Institute have demonstrated that “tablet for creativity” may be effective — even if it is empty. The influence of placebo effect on creative problem solving was devoted to a recent study by researchers.


The concept of “placebo effect” is associated primarily with medicine — has long been known that often the person begins to feel better if they make does not affect the body the pill under the guise of medicine. However, new research shows that this form of self-hypnosis has many other manifestations. For example, people who think that affects them a drug that enhances physical strength, really lifted more weight than usual. Moreover, a similar effect experts have observed and passing memory tests.

In the new study, the experts decided to test how the placebo effect applies to more complex sphere of human activity — problem solving with creative approach. To participate in the experiment were invited 90 students, each of whom was given to smell the liquid, with smell of cinnamon. Half of the volunteers said her pair enhance the creativity of man, while others are simply asked to smell a strange substance, not explaining nothing. In fact, no effect on creative thinking human smell by itself to render was not supposed to.

The researchers asked all students to complete a series of creative tasks — for example, they had to come up with new uses for familiar things, such as shoes, pins or buttons. The results of the participants who thought that their creativity artificially “increased” was higher than others. As experts explain, the difference was not too significant, but it is noticeable.

Experts suggest placebo helped those who had believed, overcome your fears, feel confident and relax, and as a result, to fantasize more freely.

As the researchers note, the results obtained matched their expectations. Scientific work may serve as another indication that confidence is an important factor to achieve success, and this should be considered, including, employers, adds psychologists.

The study was published in the journal PLoS One.

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