Psychologists have found out whether there is a dependence on computer games

A group of British researchers from Cardiff University, came to the conclusion that the fascination with online games may not develop into an addiction. In any case, experts say that compare addiction to computer games alcoholism or drug addiction is fundamentally wrong.


In research took part about six thousand persons at the age from 20 to 40 years, some of them played online games quite frequently, while others themselves gamers are not considered. The researchers asked the volunteer a series of questions about their life and career, as well as with respect to computer games, and six months later the same survey was repeated.

As it turned out, “addiction” to computer games do not affect the wages of the person, his social status or attitude to friends and family is just one out of a hundred gamers have stated that there is a strong concern, if you do not have access to a computer and the phone, or admitted that excessive addiction to computer games caused him to fail others.

The specialists noted that many gamers saw in my hobby, a way to escape from the problems of the real world, and if their Outlook on life or life itself has varied, many of them from computer games easily refused. According to researchers, if we were talking about real addiction or dependency, such would have been much less and was given “gamers” more difficult.

The obtained results scientists reported in the journal in the journal PeerJ.

To the question, favor or harm bring computer games, scientists are turning quite often, and various experts find the arguments in favor of each of these positions. In walking, a number of studies have shown that games affect the structure of the brain, however, the question of whether these changes are useful, the simple answer is no. On the one hand, in the brain of gamers there is a greater number of connections between the parts responsible for vision and hearing, and those that are responsible for focusing attention. On the other, computer games reinforce the connection between one of the segments of the prefrontal cortex and the temporo-parietal junction, despite the fact that raneados was detected in the brains of people with mental illness, including schizophrenia. In addition, some experts tend to believe that excessive passion for computer games can be fraught with sleep disorders, weight gain and even problems with the cardiovascular system.

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