“Raider seizure by the police”: in the theater Dzhigarkhanyan came to searches

The police appeared suddenly with searches in the Moscow drama theatre led by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. At the moment the building of the cultural institutions are blocked, people can’t get in touch.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The demonstrations in the accounting Department of theatre, located on Lomonosovsky Prospekt in Moscow, investigators seized all the documentation. About this site of TV channel “Star” said head of the literary part of Natalia Korneeva.

In comments to TASS, she said, “there was a raider seizure by the police already”. “Those who in the theatre locked and can’t get in touch,” said Korneev. Later in the press service GU MVD in Moscow explained that the searches are connected with the investigation of earlier instituted criminal case on the theft of a passport Dzhigarkhanyan.

That the theater room was subjected to raider attacks, said yesterday the representative of the spouse of the actor Vitalina Tsymbalyuk‐Romanovskaya Elina Mazur. According to her, accounting was “captured by Armenian group” and of the Dzhigarkhanyan was allegedly locked in his office.

Later the head of the troupe of Vyacheslav Dyachenko said that the building held a working meeting, and the theatre continues to operate normally.

Earlier it was reported that Dzhigarkhanyan appealed to the Metropolitan police with a statement about the theft of your passport. The actor claims that the document was stolen in the building of the Moscow drama theatre headed by him for several years.

Recall that Dzhigarkhanyan is in the process of divorce proceedings with his young wife Vitalinea. From the experience of the older musician was in the hospital. After discharge, the actor said that he and his wife have not satisfied with each other and often quarrel.

On the eve of “MK” has published interesting documents on the property of the spouses, which suggests that the once beloved wife became the owner of all property Dzhigarkhanyan, and he was left literally without shelter.

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