The conflict of the brothers Emelianenko: Fedor and Alexander truth

Famous fighters of the mixed style, the brothers Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko, came into open sparring with numerous accusations against each other. First, the younger brother in an interview with “Soviet sport” called the Last Emperor surrounded by sycophants who are not able to tell him the truth. What Fedor’s reply, where he said that Alexander is a sycophant and a Judas and that it is disrespectful to all the people he helped many times throughout career… Sports journalist “MK”, who is familiar with both brothers, dismantled the conflict the bones.

The brothers are still together. Photo: facebook/Alex Emelyanenko

Exactly a month ago, on September 27, early in the morning I went to Novogorsk, where he opened a school of martial arts Fedor Emelianenko. And the same evening went to the Luzhniki, where his first fight after his release from prison was held by Alexander Emelianenko. The rhetoric of the brothers in recent years was one: no comments in relation to each other. Fedor 27th numbers are supported, but Sasha after the match said: would like once again to train with the Last Emperor. Then I began the hope: and suddenly the truce is at hand? A month has passed. Further than they are from each other blood brothers, only pole.

It so happened that the first substantive interview before the fight, Sasha gave it to me. There he told many stories from the past: how he and Fedor punched the wall of misunderstanding between the Russian audience and mixed martial arts as he received “sticks in the ass” from the coach for truancy and many other things. A good half of these facts formed the basis of the Last answer of the Emperor to his younger brother.

Published in “Soviet sport” an open letter to Theodore was so unexpected that even the ordinary words in it were read with a sharp tone. However, you probably already are aware of this and know the main points by heart.

I would like a little different story. However, later, after a bit let us examine both sides.

Conflict as such between the brothers Emelianenko was not, as far as I know. The situation has been boiling for years. None of us did not hold a candle to 100% be sure exactly what happened within the family, and I can only speak about my information (which, however, had me down).

The final point from Fedor was placed approximately in the spring of 2014 — when the brother was declared the Federal wanted list on charges of raping a housekeeper. Up to this point, Emelianenko-senior a number of things helped, but then his patience ran out.

Followed was a well-known fact, and Alexander went to prison. As he had business there, Fedor would find out from relatives, but not directly. When Sasha came out (November 2016), in the family he was the only wife Pauline, a marriage which was contracted in the colony, older brother, sister and mother. He visited relatives in Tambov and Stary Oskol, after which he returned to professional sport and did it successfully, winning by knockout.

Alexander Emelianenko with the correspondent of “MK” Alexey Safonov. Photo: Nikita Burchak

In the first months after liberation, Alexander helped no one. And Promoscow who were willing to cooperate with him, was just “Ahmad” — the one with whose guidance Fedor conflict arose a year ago at the children’s background of fighting in Grozny. But the story drag in here is not: it is a professional career, and the organization did provide sachets are great conditions for training and the opportunity to speak. It would go quite a few.

For a long time the brothers did not comment on what is happening. Was limited to a short “no comment.” It was a shame because of the obvious discord, but what to do.

Don’t know, did someone attempt to get in touch for the last month, but suddenly the wind became even worse. Apparently, then, when it became clear: the world in the near future to wait. And went mutual history at each other, the saddest is in front of an audience. None of us can’t know the whole truth: we are too far from that. And we’re too stupid, because it picks up the dirt. It will not benefit anyone: neither Fedor because he was broken his image, neither Alexander because of his name and too many scandals in the public eye.

I sincerely wish it was over. While just — subsided. And then, over time, when emotions and mutual grudges would be forgotten, the brothers reconciled. Now each of them has a right to speak, to defend his truth. Believe me, it is both there are two native person can’t be radically different. But this family — and she needs to stick together. Want to see the conflict resolved in it, not on Calvary.

They have at least one family. I highly doubt that this horror is fun to watch. And maybe everyone though and their heritage, and sporting public, but under the same name. Emelianenko.

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