“The court suspended the case concerning the duty of “Buryat airlines” before the STLC for $30 million

Barnaul. 27 Oct. INTERFAX – the Moscow Arbitration court has suspended manufacture under the claim of JSC “State transport leasing company” (gtlk) to JSC “Airline “Buryat airlines” (“Bural”) for the recovery of $29,4 million of debt and $76,7 thousand percent.

From filing of arbitration cases should be that the production is suspended until the termination of bankruptcy in the airline.

However, the leasing company may within one month appeal against the decision of the trial court in the Ninth arbitration appeal court. But at the moment information about the complaint in the record is missing.

As reported, the Arbitration court of the Republic of Buryatia entered the surveillance of “Buryat airlines” for a period up to 16 November.
Interim Manager of the airline approved Andrey Zoster, a member of the Association “self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers “aegis” (Khabarovsk).
The initiator of bankruptcy by the transport company “Frilayn”, which Bural owed about 1.7 million rubles (including interest). The plaintiff included in the register of creditors of the airline.

It was also reported that in March, bailiffs arrested the whole property complex “Buryat airlines” from-for debts. An interim measure was converted into six aircraft and four helicopters (including the flight), and also 14 objects of real estate of the airline. In General, the debt of “Bural”, submitted to the recovery officers, is 36 million rubles. Debts to employees, contractors, as well as taxes and insurance fees.

The Federal air transport Agency by order of February 7, has revoked the air operator certificate “Bural” which was carrying out passenger flights on aircraft with an expired engine life.

The airline tried to challenge the decision of Federal Arbitration court of Moscow, but then withdrew the suit.

“Buryat airlines” are based in Ulan-Ude, operates regular flights to Irkutsk, Barnaul, Taksimo on the aircraft An-24. According to analytical system “SPARK-Interfax”, the main co-owner is a physical person Alexey Popov (70%). The remaining market shares are involved in catering, OOO “Genghis”, which is 80% owned by the entrepreneur Sabado Badenova. The latter also owns a number of firms in the Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk oblast and Zabaykalsky Krai.

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