The criminal investigation Department came to the Creator of “Lurkmore” because social media posts

The Creator of the portal “Lurkmore” David Boorish told about the visit in his Moscow apartment of the Criminal investigation, sought its because of some of the records in social networks.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Now living in Israel homak wrote that in his “Moscow to the address at 7am the cops came” “about entries in Facebook and Twitter. Took with the tenants signature on the paper that they have “many years have not seen” — Pravda”.

In addition, homak posted correspondence with ex-wife, who asked him “not to provoke” the police till November 1, as she did not leave Russia, where he arrived just on time.

Note that the homak leads including the popular telegram-TV: “the Burning is enhanced,” and “Channel “DRO///s”.

Recall that the site is a parody of the Internet enciklopedii “Lurkmore” several times be blocked by Roskomnadzor, then homak announced the freezing of the project, and in addition, made part of his articles not available from Russia. Due to the interest of the security forces to the site homak and adopted in 2014, the decision to go to Israel.

In addition to the “Lurkmore”, homak was also one of the moderators of a humorous website “Bashorg”: according to him, it administrators “had fled because everything was too dangerous and ended with the searches and interrogations on the 282-th article (on extremism — ed.). Of the six people who made the innocuous “Bashorg” in Russia today, no one left.”

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