“The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan has proposed to postpone the introduction of compulsory medical insurance

Previously, the system OSMS in the country planned to introduce in 2018

Astana. 27 Oct. INTERFAX-KAZAKHSTAN – IN Kazakhstan, the provision of medical care to the population within the system of mandatory social health insurance (OSMS) are invited to defer up to 2020, said Vice-health Minister Lyazzat Aktaeva.

“For your consideration the proposal is made: in particular, the period of the provision of medical care to participants of obligatory medical insurance to determine from 1 January 2020,” L. Aktayeva said on Friday in Majilis at the meeting of the Committee for socio-cultural development in Astana.
Previously, the system OSMS was planned to be implemented in 2018. In addition, the Ministry of health has proposed to move to January 1, 2020 beginning of payment of contributions of physical persons, employees, self-employed, including individual entrepreneurs and individuals under contracts of civil nature, as well as contributions from the state for preferential categories of citizens.

As reported Aktaeva, the contributions of the physical persons who receive income under contracts grazhdansko-legal character, is proposed to be reduced from 5% to 1% of the object of assessment. This will continue the collection of contributions of employers in 2018 or 2019 in the amount of 1.5% and retained the provision of the uninsured population-optimised package the guaranteed volume of free medical care assistance from 2020 to 2022.

The relevant proposals included in the draft law on amendments and additions to some legislative acts on taxation.
Earlier, President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed the government to ensure participation in OSMS for all citizens of Kazakhstan, including the self-employed.

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